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Drive Results with the Powerful Tools

Product Research

Find your first winning product today with our product research tools. Scan across Amazon’s 450 million product database, validate a product category, and narrow down on your niche product loaded with sales potential.

Competitor Product Rankings.

Discover your competitors' top-performing products and stay ahead in the competition. Monitor their product rankings regularly to stay updated.

Product Optimization

Maximize Sales with Our Listing Optimization Tools. Craft a compelling listing with high-traffic keywords and optimize keyword connections for top results.

Keep Track

Ensure Continuous Sales with Our Maintenance Tools. Protect your listing from fraud, track profitability, and verify if Amazon owes you money

Helium 10's Latest Tools

Black Box

Amazon FBA Product Finder Tool

Find high demand, low competition product ideas in every category on Amazon

Use smart filters to uncover unexpected inspiration based on your exact needs, niche, and preferences


Amazon & Walmart Reverse ASIN Lookup Tool

Successfully launch new products and bring more awareness to your brand

Leverage your competitors’ keyword ranking strategies to improve your own listings

Follow Up

Amazon Email Marketing Automation

Craft automated email sequences that kick-in on order deliveries and other event triggers

View orders, set automations, build email templates, manage products, and more

Refund Genie

Amazon Refund Manager

Amazon Refund Manager (Refund Genie) automates the entire refund process, from detecting eligible orders to filing and processing claims, reducing manual effort and increasing the chance of successful refund recovery.


Amazon Fraud Detector & Alerts

Receive instant alerts of fraud, hijacker activity, or altering of your listings

Prevent fraudulent products from cutting into your profits or devaluing your Amazon brand

Market Tracker

An Easy Way To Spy On All The Competition In One Place

Market Tracker helps you keep an eye on the markets you sell in and keep up with competitors to make informed business choices.


Capture leads and drive sales with your own custom landing pages.

Portals lets you create custom landing pages to capture leads and grow your Amazon business by guiding prospects to checkout.

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1 Year




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Before Helium 10, sellers simply had to guess which products they should sell, which keywords they should target, whether their listing was optimized for Amazon’s algorithms, etc. Helium 10 provides you with the data necessary to make data-driven decisions. With estimated search volume, top-ranking keywords, trending niches, up-to-date best practices for listings, historical ad performance data, and so much more, sellers can eliminate the guesswork with their Amazon business. While your competition continues to juggle their online business on their own, Helium 10 gives you everything you need to rank on page one and dominate your market with the premier software for Amazon sellers.

Helium10 is a platform designed for Amazon sellers. It provides a suite of tools and features that help sellers increase their profitability, streamline the sales process, and make informed decisions about their business. These features include product research, keyword tracking, competitor analysis, and much more. With Helium10, sellers have access to valuable data and insights that can help them grow their business and achieve success on Amazon.
Helium 10 helps Amazon sellers grow their business by providing tools for product research, keyword tracking, competitor analysis, and more. These tools aim to improve sales and increase profitability.

Grab Exclusive Deal Now 🎉

Grab Exclusive Deal Now 🎉

Grab Exclusive Deal Now 🎉

Grab Exclusive Deal Now 🎉