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Ayusynk Smart Stethoscope | Shark Tank India Season 2

Ayusynk Smart Stethoscope | Made It Possible For Doctors In City To Diagnose Patient In Villages

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Ayusynk has made it possible for doctors in big cities to hear the heart and lung sounds of patients in small villages all over India. They have achieved this by upgrading the 200-year-old Stethoscope and digitalizing it. 

This endeavor can save a huge number of lives in rural India. The doctors in small villages can now record heart and lung sounds and send them to the experts for the right diagnosis and their opinions. 

Let us learn about them in detail!!!

Ayusynk Shark Tank

Adarsh Kachappilly, Tapas Pandey, and Varad Patil are the founders of Ayusynk. They pitched their product to the sharks for 1 crore at 1.5% equity. 

They demonstrated their product to the sharks by requesting Peyush Bhansal to listen to the heartbeat of one of the founders through their stethoscope. 

They explained that their stethoscope has the option to drown out the background noise so that the sound of heartbeats and lungs is intensified and doctors can hear them clearly. When you compare it to the normal stethoscope, you will be able to hear clear and louder sounds in Ayusynk.

When Namita Thapar asked what will they do with the funding, they replied that the raw materials required to make the stethoscope is expensive. That is why they have come to shark Tank India asking for investment so that they can buy the raw materials.

Ayusynk stethoscope
Image Courtesy: Ayudevices.com

Ayusynk Stethoscope

Ayusynk is a digital Stethoscope. It amplifies the sound of heartbeats and lungs. Once you connect them with their app, it lets you record, amplify, share and see the visuals on screen. All these things help the doctor for a better diagnosis.

Benefits of Ayusynk Stethoscope:

  • You can listen to up to 16 times higher sound.
  • You can listen to the sounds and record them in real-time.
  • Connect via Bluetooth.
  • Generate S1, S2, Systole, and Diastole.

It provides Visual aid to detect Cardiac Abnormality using AI.

Ayusynk can be paired with a smartphone and becomes capable of detecting abnormalities in the cardiac sounds of patients.

Ayusynk is powered by one of their most advanced A21 Chipset which pushes the limit of what a stethoscope can do.

Connect Ayusynk to your mobile device and start auscultating. It can enhance your skills by better listening via dedicated heart and lung filters.

Ayusynk is powered with advanced Analytical Algorithms to clear Auscultation sounds and generate visual reports quickly for S1, S2, Systole, and Diastole split.

3 steps To Auscultate Through Your Phone

  1. Connect Ayusynk to your smartphone via the Ayushare mobile app.
  2. Connect your smartphone to earphones or wireless Bluetooth headsets.
  3. Auscultate and listen to heart/lung sounds via the earphones/headsets.

It’s a good choice for Doctors, residents, Students, Nurses & Telemedicine personnel.

Main Features:

Live Phonocardiogram- For analyzing various components of the cardiac sound.

Ayydashboard Ecosystem for united sharing and sound recording.

Dedicated filters of heart for Cardiology assessment and pulmonology assessment.

Web streaming for telemedicine consultation from anywhere.

Guided recording for recording cardiac sounds from 4 locations and lung sounds from 16 locations.

One tap connectivity- Fro Ayusynk with your smartphone using Bluetooth connectivity.

They have 3 different models

  1. Ayulynk (Wired Digital Stethoscope)

Price- ₹12,500

  • Record and share
  • Upto 40x audio enhancement
  • Playback speed upto 0.5
  • In-app noise cancellation
  • In-app heart and lung filter
  • Visualization of sound

  1. Ayusynk 2+ (Wireless Digital Stethoscope)

Price- ₹15,500

  • All features of ayulynk
  • In device noise cancellation
  • In device heart and lung filter

*Currently they are giving a 30% discount on this model.

3. Ayusynk 2 pro (Wireless Digital Stethoscope for telemedicine application)

Price- ₹19,500

  • All features of Ayusynk 2+
  • Realtime transmission sound
  • SDK support
  • 1-year ayu real-time software access

They are trusted by doctors of:

  • Grant Medical College.
  • St. George’s Hospital.
  • Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College
  • Cama and Albleless Hospital
  • Rajwadi Hospital
  • Hindu Hruday Samrat Balasahed Thackrey Hospital
  • Topiwala National Medical College

Till now they have 3,000 devices sold and 10,000 patients screened.

Ayusynk Shark Tank Deal

The ask of the founders of Ayusynk was 1 crore for 1.5% equity. 

To this Peyush Bansal offered a deal of ₹50 lakhs with 5% equity + ₹50 lakhs debt with 12% equity. 

He wanted to do a joint deal with Namita Thapar, because of her expertise in this field. Unfortunately, Namita wanted to do it solo.

She offered them ₹50 lahks for 4% equity and ₹50 lakh debt for 10% interest.

The founder’s counter offer was 3.5% equity for the same amount, to which she agreed and the deal was sealed. 

Ayusynk IIT Bombay

Ayusynk is an IIT Bombay startup. During the pandemic when the doctor would use Stethoscope to check patients, it would pose as a risk of them catching the infection too.

So they developed a digital Stethoscope for remote auscultation. Wherein the doctors can connect the stethoscope to their phone and ask the patients to put it on their heart or lungs. This would help them to diagnose the patients without touching them. 

Along with it they also improved the sound quality and this stethoscope provides up to 16 times higher sound.

“AyuSynk can be attached to any conventional stethoscope, to amplify chest sounds and send them wirelessly from patients to doctors without physical touching,” said Adarsha K, founder of Ayu Devices to NDTV news.

The product was developed by Adarsha and another innovator Tapas, at BETIC Lab in IIT Bombay, and the clinical inputs were provided by Dr. Nambiraj Konar at Reliance Hospital and Dr. Lancelot Pinto at PD Hinduja Hospital.

Dr. Rupesh Ghyar, SEO of BETIC who mentored the team tells NDTV news, “The device allows any healthcare professional with a protective suit to approach a patient, capture lung sounds, and send them for analysis to experienced doctors, thereby distributing the workload. It can help in monitoring and characterizing lung infections in severe patients of COVID.”

Ayusynk digital stethoscope
Image courtesy: Ayudevices

Ayusynk Stethoscope Price

  1. Ayulynk (Wired Digital Stethoscope)

Price- ₹12,500

  1. Ayusynk 2+ (Wireless Digital Stethoscope)

Price- ₹15,500

  1. Ayusynk 2 pro (Wireless Digital Stethoscope for telemedicine application)

Price- ₹19,500

You can contact them here:

  • Website
  • Call for Sales- 080-471-91146
  • Call for Support- 080-471-91855
  • Whatsapp for Sales- 080-739-72906
  • Whatsapp for Support- 093-248-55803
  • Mail- contact@ayudevices.com

Sales of the company

Valuation of the company- ₹2,50,000 crore

2021-2022 – ₹ 3 crore sales

2022-2023 – ₹ 7 crore (est. sales)

Concluding Remarks

We hope that their product helps in diagnosing heart and lung problems in India at the right time. So that the lives of the people from rural India can be saved before it is too late. 

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