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is amazon fba profitable in india?

Is Amazon FBA Profitable in India

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Without a question, Amazon was a pioneer in the eCommerce industry and a powerful force that gives business owners access to a global client base. FBA, which has completely changed the way Amazon sellers run their companies, has been one of the main contributors to Amazon’s success. Because of this, Amazon generated a staggering $469 billion in revenue in 2021, with vendors on the platform accounting for over 25% of the total.

However, the question of whether Amazon FBA is still a beneficial option for anyone wishing to start an online business emerges as the competition gets more fierce, particularly in a developing market like India. We’ll attempt to address this issue and determine whether it is still worthwhile to sell on Amazon in this in-depth tutorial.

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What is Amazon FBA?

With the help of Amazon, merchants may send their merchandise to one of its fulfilment centres, and the online retailer will handle handling customer shipment. This is known as fulfilment by Amazon. Sellers may avoid the administrative burdens of product storage, packing, shipping, and customer service by choosing Amazon FBA. Furthermore, by managing returns and customer service, Amazon FBA offers an unrivalled benefit of Amazon’s supply chain, freeing up sellers to concentrate on diversifying their product offerings and developing their businesses.

The procedure for utilising Amazon FBA services is really simple. Vendors are required to open an FBA account, prepare their goods in compliance with Amazon’s labelling and packaging specifications, and then transport them to the approved fulfilment centres.

The merchandise is kept in Amazon’s warehouses once it is received. After then, Amazon selects, packages, and delivers the item in response to a customer’s order, guaranteeing prompt and effective delivery.

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Is Amazon FBA Profitable in India

After learning about Amazon FBA, you’re probably wondering if it’s still a lucrative business in India. Without a question, the answer is a big yes. Amazon FBA is competitive and requires a lot of work, but for those up for the challenge, the benefits may be substantial. But before anything else, it’s critical to approach Amazon FBA with the appropriate mentality, a strong plan, and a readiness to change.

You may establish your niche in the Indian market and beyond by learning the ins and outs of Amazon’s ecosystem and utilising the top Amazon marketing techniques. Here is a comprehensive tutorial on how to become an Amazon India seller if you want to start selling on Amazon.

Approximately 52% of Amazon FBA sellers report profit margins above 10%, while 27% report margins over 20%. This suggests that around 79% of FBA vendors make a profit. On the other hand, 14% of sellers state that their companies are not yet profitable, and 8% are doubtful.


It’s critical to approach Amazon FBA with an openness to change, a strategic perspective, and a dedication to education. The data shows that a sizable portion of Indian FBA sellers are successful, demonstrating the platform’s potential for success. But it’s also critical to recognise that not all endeavours are profitable right away, and that perseverance combined with astute business judgement is essential.

It’s critical to remain up to date on market trends, consumer preferences, and policy in the dynamic world of e-commerce. Through Amazon FBA in India, entrepreneurs may successfully negotiate obstacles, seize opportunities, and create successful enterprises by remaining proactive. Recall that although achieving success may need persistence and hard work, the potential benefits make the trip worthwhile for those who are prepared to put in the necessary effort.

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