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richest shark in shark tank india

Who is the Richest Shark in Shark Tank India?

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Shark Tank India saw great success in its first two seasons.

The third season premiered on January 22, 2024. With fresh concepts for aspiring business owners, every episode piques the interest of the viewer. Other from this, the show’s primary attractions are fresh, creative concepts, business strategies, and their execution.

Season 3 has started with 12 Sharks on the panel, which has increased the anticipation. For those who are unfamiliar, “Sharks” here refers to the most prominent and notable businesspeople in the nation who have assumed responsibility for making investments in the companies. These investors give the pitchers the money they need to grow their businesses.

So let’s find out who is the richest Shark in Shark Tank India Season 3. 

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Richest Shark in Shark Tank India

Amit Jain 

Net Worth: $348 Million (₹2,900 Crores)

Amit Jain is one of the richest sharks in  Shar Tank India Season 3. He is the CEO and co-founder of CarDekho. In Shark Tank India Season 2, he took Ashneer Grover’s seat. He allegedly charged the show over $8,000 for each episode. He attended IIT Delhi before. He spent the first year of his life working at TCS as a software engineer. He then worked at Trilogy for over seven years. He founded the Cardekho firm as a result of his automotive obsession. This 2008-launched portal enables customers to purchase or sell autos. With a value of more than $1.2 billion, Amit Jain’s Cardekho now stands out.

Ronnie Screwvala

Net worth: $1.53 Billion (₹12,800 Crores)

UpGrad is an online learning platform that Ronnie Screwvala developed that offers a variety of courses in collaboration with colleges. Ronnie started a business making toothbrushes at the beginning. He was also given credit for starting cable TV in India in 1981. He also presented the Doordarshan quiz programme Mashoor Mahal in 1985. He now holds the second-highest net worth among the sharks in Shark Tank India Season 3, having amassed an astonishing $1.5 billion.

Vineeta Singh

Indian businesswoman Vineeta Singh is the CEO and co-founder of Sugar Cosmetics, one of the biggest and fastest-growing cosmetics companies in India. At IIT Madras, she earned her electrical engineering degree in 2005. She later graduated in 2007 with an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. She turned off a $122.23K job in 2006 in order to pursue her ambition of starting her own business. In addition, she launched a cosmetics line in 2012 that attracted attention from Indian consumers. Sugar Cosmetics is currently valued between $450 and $500 million.

Deepinder Goyal

Net worth: $243 Million (₹2030 Crores)

Zomato’s CEO and co-founder is Deepinder Goyal. On the Shark Tank India Season 3 panel, he is the new face. He was raised in Muktsar, Punjab, and had several difficulties at school. Goyal graduated with honours from IIT Delhi. He founded Foodiebay, their food delivery business, with a buddy in 2008. Later on, Zomato was used as the new name. They currently own businesses including Feeding India and Blinkit. Deepinder now has a net worth of over $267 million.

Ashneer Grover

Net worth: $94 Million (₹790 Crores)

Indian finance startup BharatPe was formed in 2018 with Ashneer Grover serving as both managing director and founder. This UPI-based app turned unicorn in 2021, and the firm is presently valued at over $2.9 billion. Ashneer Grover has a $94 million net worth.In addition to BharatPe, he has made investments in Front Row, The Whole Truth, OTO Capital, and IndiaGold. On February 28, 2022, Ashneer Grover gave notice of his resignation from BharatPe. Right now, he shares founding ownership of Third Unicorn. The business offers a platform for playing cricket fantasy games. 

Ritesh Agarwal- The richest shark in Shark Tank India

OYO Rooms was founded by Indian billionaire Ritesh Agarwal, who also serves as its CEO. In Shark Tank India Season 3, he is the shark with the highest net worth. He is the newest shark to be included in Season 3. Established in 2012, OYO Rooms is a global marketplace for hospitality. Customers can now choose the accommodations they want at a price they can afford thanks to this. At thirty years old, Ritesh also becomes one of India’s youngest billionaires.


In short, Shark Tank India Season 3 has some really rich sharks, but Ritesh Agarwal is the richest shark in shark tank india. He made a ton of money with OYO Rooms, a place where people can find affordable places to stay. Even though he’s only thirty, he’s already one of India’s youngest billionaires. As the season goes on, people with business ideas can pitch to these big shots, hoping to get money and advice to make their dreams come true. It’s going to be exciting to see what happens next!

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