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Diabexy Products | Raised Questions Whether They Came For Marketing Or Deal

Diabexy Shark Tank

With the mission to kick diabetes out of India, Diabexy products are meant to keep the blood sugar levels of people with diabetes under check. Their mission garnered a lot of praise from the sharks.

Indians eat a lot of grains in their diet, and some of these grains have very high Glycemic indexes. Wheat for e.g., 100 grams of wheat flour, which makes 4 to 5 Rotis had a glycemic index of 50. Which tremendously increases blood sugar levels. 

The glycemic index is the parameter of any food that determines how much blood sugar will increase after its consumption. That is why this company had introduced a range of products that have a low level of Glycemic index.

Let us check out more about the company, products, pitch, and everything in between.


Diabexy Products

Their food products have almost 80 to 90% less glycemic load as compared to the usual food that we consume. Their products have a glycemic index of 7. 

When they made an appearance in shark tank India they had sixteen products which include atta, cookies, savories, sweets, sweeteners, etc. They were also planning to launch many new products, Diabetic rice was one in the pipeline.

Let us explore some of their best-selling products.

Diabexy Cookies

A typical cookie (made with all-purpose flour) has a glycemic load of 45 per 100g. Diabexy Almond Cookies have an estimated glycemic load of just 5 per 100g. 

This means the cookies will have a 90% lower effect on your blood sugar than regular cookies.

No Sugar and Maltodextrin. At Diabexy, they use fructooligosaccharide as their sweetener. fructooligosaccharide is a type of sweet fiber. Being a fiber, it does not get metabolized by our system. Instead, it gets flushed out without affecting one’s blood sugar.

Glycemic Load of Fructooligosaccharide (Diabexy) v. Maltodextrin (Common Sweetener) = 1 v. 110

With a wholesome crunchy texture and delicious taste, these cookies are made as a perfect accompaniment at tea time or to manage your hunger cravings.

ZERO Sugar. 100% Vegetarian

Suitable for people with either, Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes

Their cookies have 4-star ratings. Below is the list of their cookies:

  • Diabexy Almond Cookies
  • Diabexy Jeera cookies salted
  • Diabexy cookies combo (almond, coconut, and chocolate)
  • Diabexy Coconut cookies
  • Diabexy Peanut cookies
  • Diabexy Chocolate cookies
  • Keto Jeera cookies
  • Keto peanut butter cookies

Diabexy cookies

Diabexy Atta

Wheat/ Multigrain Flour is one of the main ingredients in Indian kitchens but its glycemic load is very high. The estimated Glycemic Load of wheat flour is 50 per 100g but the estimated glycemic load of Diabexy Atta is just 7.

Protein is an important nutrient for a diabetic person. It provides strength to muscles and bones. Diabexy Atta contains almost 4 times more protein than normal wheat flour because it is made with high-quality Peanut, Coconut, Flax Seed, Almond, Isolated Proteins, etc. It contains 40 g of protein per 100g which can meet almost 70% of your daily protein (plant-based) requirement.

Diabexy Atta contains 13g of healthy fat per 100g which comes from nuts and seeds. This atta contains Coconut which is a good source of MCT and flax seed which is a good source of omega-3- fatty acids. It is a great combination of healthy fats and vegan protein. It contains 2 times more fiber than normal wheat/multigrain flour. Each 100g Diabexy Atta contains 18g fiber. 

Non-GMO. ZERO Sugar. 100% Vegetarian

Suitable for people with either, Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes

40% of their sales come from Diabexy atta. Almost all their atta have 4-star ratings. In atta, they have the list of the following products:

  • Diabexy atta
  • Diabexy sugar control Atta
  • Dosa mix
  • Pancake mix
  • Gluten-free atta
  • Low carb high protein atta
  • Keto atta
  • Keto dosa
  • Keto Pancake
  • Almond flour

Note: Their atta takes more water and more kneading than normal wheat atta. Make a soft dough using enough warm water, and keep adding water slowly in a stepwise manner until the dough becomes soft. 

Keep the dough aside for 5-10 min before rolling chapattis.

Diabexy atta

Diabexy Atta Ingredients

Peanut, Coconut flour, Flax seeds, Almond, Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Sesame seeds, Wheat, Oats, Quinoa, Isolated soya protein, Salt, Wheat Flour, Wheat Bran, Amaranth, Isolated Wheat protein, Soya Flour, Lentils, E211

Diabexy Sugar

Diabexy Sweetener is a blend of six ingredients. Compared to other common sweeteners like maltodextrin (X 110), maltose (X 105), dextrose ( X100), or white sugar (X 65), their blend has a glycemic load of 1 per 100 gms.

No Maltodextrin. Diabexy uses fructooligosaccharide as its sweetener. Fructooligosaccharide is a type of sweet fiber. Being a fiber, it does not release sugar in the body. Instead, it gets flushed out without affecting one’s blood sugar.

Twice as sweet to taste as regular white sugar. 2 teaspoons of regular sugar equals 1 teaspoon of Diabexy Sweetener in sweetness and less than 5% of the estimated glycemic load

Can be used in cooking and baking as well.

Non-GMO. ZERO Sugar. 100% Vegetarian

Suitable for people with either, Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes

The list of their sweeteners includes:

  • Diabexy sugar-free sweeteners
  • Diabexy sugar drops
  • Keto Sugar

Diabexy Company

helps diabetic & pre-diabetic people to achieve normal blood sugar levels without medication. The blood sugar of a diabetic person keeps going up & down despite taking regular medicine. 

Their HbA1c levels always remain in the diabetic range, which is above 6.3, and their health-related problems like heart disease, liver disease, and kidney disease keep increasing even if they regularly visit a doctor.

They help a diabetic person achieve normal blood sugar levels by suggesting a small change in daily food habits. They try to keep their HbA1c in the non-diabetic range, which is below 5.7 so that they can avoid any further organ damage due to diabetes.

80 -90% of our clients achieve normal blood sugar levels without the medicine in just 90 days.

Apart from selling their products they also offer services like

  • Diabetes Reversal program
  • Consultation with a Diabexy-certified doctor
  • Consultation with the founder Lokendra Tomar
  • Certificate course in diabetic reversal

Diabexy founders
Photo courtesy: Sony Liv

Diabexy Founders

Lokendra Tomar and Nishu Tomar are the founders of Diabexy, they are married to each other and come from Gurgaon Haryana.

The name of their company is Neutro active, in this, they have two categories:

  • Weight loss
  • Diabexy (for diabetes)

Lokendra is a pharmacist. He has the knowledge of medicines and food and he combined them together, to provide the consumers with therapeutic value through food.

He had faced a lot of financial crunch during childhood. He was raised in Chattisgarh, where his father was posted to teach agriculture to Adivasis. 

Whenever he would come to Delhi, the street lights and cars would fascinate him. It made him realize that there is another way of living, where people can have cars too.

He noticed that people who do business have money. So he had the mindset that in order to have lots of money, you need to do business. 

After his studies, he worked as a pharmacist at SUN pharma. There he would sell medicines for diabetes. Once when he had performed well in his work, his manager gifted him a book called how to win friends and influence people. After that, he fell in love with books and would read 3 books per week. 

He has also written a book called New Theory of Diabetes. It basically clarifies our notion that diabetes cannot be cured. In this book, he explains that just as the fever goes away, that diabetes can be reversed too.

When Keto was at its peak. His wife Nishu learned digital marketing, photoshop, and how to make a website. They started selling keto food on Amazon and their sales boomed. 

Gradually as the keto craze began to fade their sales of keto products reduced but they were also selling Diabexy products alongside, the sales of which increased. 

Social Media accounts

Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Website

Funding asked from the sharks

₹1.5 crores for 1% equity

Sales of the Diabexy

2016-2017- ₹65 Lakhs

2017-2018- ₹1.5 Crores

2019-2020- ₹3.5 crores

2020-2021- ₹8.5 crores

2021-2022- ₹13 crores

2022 (till august)- ₹12.8 crores

From the total sales- 1/3rd is COGS (cost of goods sold), 1/3rd is marketing, distribution, and overhead, and 1/3rd is taxes and profit.

Their repeat customers on the website are 70%

Deal or no deal?

Anupam Mittal pulled out citing that they are running the business efficiently, they should keep it to themselves and not dilute the shares by giving them to investors. 

Aman Gupta, Namita Thapar, Peyush Bansal, and Amit Jain gave a combined offer of ₹1.5 crores for 20% equity. 

To which the founder said that they are offering him a very low valuation, according to him the company’s valuation is ₹100 crores and if the sharks did not think that then he will improve himself to that level and come back again.

So there was no deal.

Concluding remarks

It is good to see people coming up with products that people with diabetes can eat without feeling guilty or shooting their blood sugar levels. 

We do hope that Diabexy can successfully accomplish its mission and eradicate diabetes from India. 

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