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Shark Tank India Judges Impressed By 83 Year Old Entrepreneur | Avimee Herbal Hair Oil

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Avimee Herbal Shark Tank Episode

Starting his hair oil brand at the age of 83, Radha Krishna, one of the founders of Avimee Herbal is one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs to appear in Shark Tank India season 2. 

It is a feat that we all can learn something. Again and again, such entrepreneurs prove to us that there is no age to dream, have a vision and execute it. He is so passionate about Ayurveda that he has a collection of over 2500 books related to Ayurveda in his home library in Bhagalpur, Bihar.

His knowledge & passion for Ayurveda, along with his wisdom won him a lot of praise from the sharks. So much So that Amit Jain saw the image of his grandfather in him and also touched his feet to show his respect. 

Avimee herbal is a brand that uses ayurvedic and modern ingredients to make hair care and skin care products. 

They had come to Shark Tank India to raise money for setting up their factory. But, they were unable to win any deal from the sharks.

With the vision of ‘Baal to uga ke hi chodunga’!! Let us see how Radha Krishna is fulfilling this vision and learn more about their hair oils, products, and product review.

Avimee herbal Keshpallav hair oil 

This is their star product. The story behind concocting this hair oil is very interesting. 

During the first wave of Covid when Radha Krishna’s daughter, whose name is Vinita Agarwal was suffering from severe hair fall. 

Amivee herbal Keshpallav hair oil

Many years back Radha Krishna too had encountered a sudden increase in his hair fall. He looked towards Ayurveda to find a cure. He formulated a recipe for hair oil. But, there were a few inconsistencies in the effectiveness during his first attempt at making the oil. At that time he was also engrossed in his textile business, so he couldn’t find time to modify & improve the formula.

However, his research was still on. After the first covid wave, his daughter Vinita noticed a steep rise in her hair fall. It motivated him to concoct a solution for the hair fall problem of his daughter. 

According to him, “The motive behind making the hair oil was to save my daughter from facing the stigma of not having hair just as I faced for my baldness.”

Little did he know that the knowledge that he acquired over 25 years was about to culminate into a Miracle product.

This time he gave attention to minute detail and fetched the ingredients from around the country. He made sure the ingredients came from the right place and were of the highest quality. After processing & conducting trials, the oil was ready. The formula used was effective & unbeatable.

Seeing the results on himself and his daughter, he distributed it to family & friends. Everybody appreciated him for the results. Eventually, he and his daughter started selling through Instagram.

Amivee founders Radha Krishna and Shakuntla Devi Choudhary
Image courtesy: The Better India

When his inspiring story was shared on social media by his granddaughter-in-law, Ambika who is also the co-founder, Radha Krishna became an overnight star and they began to get a massive following. 

When the testaments of the oil were shared on social media, numerous inquiries poured in. Thousands of people wanted to use the oil. And this gave birth to their brand AVIMEE HERBAL. 

Keshpallav Hair Oil is a blend of more than 150 herbs infused in cold-pressed oils like coconut, black sesame, olive, castor, kalonji, and more than 50 carrier oils and essential oils.

*It contains no mineral oils.

Benefits of applying this oil

  • Reversing baldness
  • Reducing hair fall
  • Reversing premature greying of hair
  • Reducing dandruff
  • Improving overall texture of hair

Ingredients Used

Sunflower Seed Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Black Sesame Seed oil, Flax Seed oil, Amla Oil, Bhringraj Oil, Brahmi Oil, Hibiscus oil, Curry Leaf Oil, Saw Palmetto Oil, Camellia Seed Oil, Pecan Nut oil, Soybean Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil, Marula Oil, Walnut oil, Mustard seed Oil, Castor Oil, Arnica oil, Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Cucumber Oil, Pomegranate Seed oil, Shea Oil, Malkangni Oil, Karanja Oil, Wheat Grass Oil, Bergamot Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Stinging Nettle Oil, Bottle Gourd Oil, Borage Seed Oil, Bakuchi Oil, Bamboo Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Halim Oil, Plum Kernel oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Carrot Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Hazel Nut Oil, Passion Fruit Oil, Clary Sage Oil, Poppy Seed Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Birch Seed Oil, Argon Oil, Clove Oil, Rosemary Oil, Jojoba Oil, Tamanu Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Lavender Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Helichrysum Oil, Myrrh Oil, Nutmeg Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Kalonji Oil       

How to Use

  • Apply oil on your scalp and massage with your fingertips using a circular motion. Avoid massaging in case of severe hair fall. Give a few months for hair follicles to become strong.
  • Apply the oil left on your palms to your hair.
  • Cover with a towel or shower cap and leave on overnight.
  • The next day, shampoo hair as usual. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Apply 2-3 times a week.

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Avimee Herbal Review & Avimee Herbal Products

Avimee Herbal is ayurvedic hair care and skincare brand. What is interesting about their products is that they haven’t spent any money on marketing, their products especially hair oil sell themselves through word-to-mouth publicity. 

Their best-selling products are Kesh Pallav hair oil and hair tone spray. Their repeat customers are 32%. 

The results of their depend on your genetics and the extent of the damage. Some people are seeing results in a few days and for some, it is taking 6-7 months also.

What is unique about their products is that have formulated each product using extensive research. They use high-quality ingredients in the right quantities. They make most of the ingredients in-house using special extraction methods to give maximum benefits. 

When they started 3 years back they had 3 products, now they have 27 products across 4 categories.

Avimee herbals logo

Let us check out the list of their products

  1. Hair Care Products

Ayurvedic hair care products fight dandruff, reduce hair fall, reverse pre-mature greying & improve the overall texture of hair.

  1. Skin Care Products

Ayurvedic skin care products fight skin dryness, reduce oily skin & acne, and improve the overall texture of the skin.

  1. Pain Relief

Ayurvedic pain relief oil for joint pains, nerve pains, muscular pain, sciatica pain, arthritis pain & spondylitis pain.

  1. Men’s Care

Avimee Herbal Men’s Care Range made from best quality natural ingredients to solve beard-related issues like patchy beard, itchy beard & beard dandruff. Helps in promoting the growth of a beard.

To date they have 2,50,000 orders fulfilled. 80% of their customers are satisfied. They have catered to 100+ countries and 15,000+ customers.

Amivee Herbals founders
Image courtesy: Leisure Bytes

Avimee Herbal Pvt. Ltd. and Avimee Herbal Founders

Currently, Avimee herbals have 6 founders. 

  1. RK Choudhary

Is Responsible for all the formulations.

  1. Shakuntala Devi Choudhary

Used to handle production.

  1. Vinita Agarwal (33.3% equity)

Is responsible for handling production.

  1. Siddhant Agarwal

Chartered Accountant by education, Siddhant is the co-founder and brain behind Avimee.

  1. Ambica Agarwal (33.3% equity)

Handles marketing.

  1. Vibhor Agarwal (33.3% equity)

Handles daily operations.

Avimee Herbal Coupon Codes

Avimee Herbal Social Media Accounts

Instagram | Facebook | Website

Funding asked from the sharks

₹2.8 crores for 0.5% equity at 560 crores valuation

Sharks offer

Amit Jain- ₹1 cr for 2.5 % equity + ₹1.8 crore debt at 12% interest at ₹40 crore valuation.

Anupam Mittal- ₹70 lakhs for 2% equity + 2.1 crore debt at 15% interest at ₹35 crores valuation.

The counter-offer of the founders: ₹2.8 crores for 1.5% equity at 186.7 crores valuation.

Both Anupam nor Amit accept this offer and the deal was off.

Concluding remarks

Shark Tank India has provided an excellent platform for entrepreneurs of all ages to pitch their brands and spread their stories amongst the people of India. 

We hope that the entrepreneurial story of Radha Krishna inspires many people who had sacrificed their dreams and spent most of their lives working for others and makes them realize that it is never too late.

We wish to see more and more senior citizens, not letting their age come in the way to give shape to their dreams.

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