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Desi Toys: The Best Way To Go Back In Time

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Sharks are portrayed as being ecstatic in the Desi Toys Business promotional film after witnessing the toys.

Shark Amit stated that he enjoyed seeing these toys and felt nostalgic for his younger years, but he also stated in the promotional video that this would be a business-related role and cannot be scaled.

In the face of the digital era, the business vision of the brandis to provide safe and sustainable goods for traditional and genuine Indian games and toys while bridging the skills of kids

The Sharks are amazed with the brand since they allow them to recall their youth. The business displays enjoyable toys that it has reimagined and given an Indian twist.

About the Brand

Desi Toys aims to innovate upon the beloved childhood toys of the 1980s and 1990s. It is aiming to revive the old gaming habit with the love of that era as well as the desire of introducing the same concepts to today’s tech-savvy children. The company offers Quality Toys Range, a wide selection of toys and games produced in India.

A Made in India brand, this is an Indian sports company with a classic toy aesthetic. Parents today want their children to spend some time away from the digital world due to excessive screen usage. It is also tackling this issue with entertaining, educational, secure, and engaging toys and games.

Keeping in mind the trends and market of the day, Desi Toys goods have managed to become a Popular Toys Range. They provide trustworthy, plastic-free toys and games that are produced in a safe and healthy manner.

In keeping with our honourable PM’s “Atmanirbharta” campaign, he has committed himself to the business of selling made in India toys online. The Brand keeps expanding its line of toys for youngsters to make authentic Indian experiences.

The adults may interact with their young children and relive their youth. With their own inventions, they may recreate Desi Toy Time while narrating tales and provide amusing presents to Kids Playtime and Toy Style.

Products Offered

  • Fun Activity Desi Toy
  • Kitchen Pretend Desi Toy Play Set
  • Desi Toys Return Gifts & Offers
  • Desi Toys Board Games & Puzzles
  • Truly Nostalgic Desi Toys

Sales and Valuation 

Desi Toys Business Yealy Sales

  • FY 17 – 18 Sales – ₹40 Lakh
  • FY 18 – 19 Sales – ₹60 Lakh
  • FY 19 – 20 Sales – ₹75 Lakh
  • FY 20 – 21 Sales – ₹61 Lakh
  • FY 21 – 22 Sales – ₹1.15 Crore
  • FY 22 – 23 Sales – ₹2.5 Crore (Projected Sales)

Last month sales of ₹ 20 lakh were done. If you split the sales, 80% is B2B sales and 17% is from the market place. D2C sales remain only 3%.

The average selling price is ₹500. Their Gross Margin is 50% and Net Margin is 18% and the Net Profit is ₹3.6 Lakh.

Deal or no deal?

All of the sharks withdrew due to scale difficulties, and Amit Jain decided to make an offer on the entrepreneur rather than the brand in the hopes that she would create a new vertical within the same category.

The founder of Desi Toys was allowed to pick her brand name, Amit Jain said, even though she declined the offer.

 So, sadly, no deal.


From eating and drinking, we have observed numerous examples of these businesses, where products such as saris were produced using antiquated methods, as were flour, banana chips, and perfumes. However, these businesses adapted new marketing strategies to match the products’ deteriorating demand over time. 

Will Desi Toys Business be able to recreate the same enjoyment in the current digital market trend? Assess its growth and earnings from a commercial perspective and let us know what you think in the comment section. 

Where to Find

By searching for it on several online stores using the terms “Desi Toys Amazon,” “Desi Toys Myntra,” “Desi Toys Flipkart,” “Desi Toys Firstcry,” and “Desi Toys Bargain Book Hut,” you can find it.

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