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DesmondJi from Shark Tank India Season 2.

DesmondJi: Asia’s first Agave spirits

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The creator of DesmondJi Company states in the company’s promotional video that he has begun producing Premium Agave Spirit from the plant seen in the image and has brought a new Alcohol Category to India. Anupam, the shark, informs the audience that, based on his attire, he feels as if he has just gotten out of bed in Goa, boarded a plane, and arrived at the Shark Tank India stage.

Its Business Vision produces the first agave spirits made in Asia and provides a line of homegrown, handcrafted liqueurs. More alcohol variations made using native Indian components.

Let’s see if they get a deal or not. 

About the Brand

Desmond Nazareth patiently and lovingly built DesmondJi. He studied mechanical engineering and cinema at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, and Temple University, Philadelphia. Desmond is a seasoned businessman who was one of the first to identify and resolve the Y2K software issue.

An exquisite brand called DesmondJi Business, or DJ, was developed at India’s first recognised craft distillery, which was built on 44 acres. Every drink they produce is handcrafted to the highest standards. Desmondji’s spirits and liqueurs are made with the highest grade natural ingredients that have been hand-selected from all around India. He has established a company that produces and sells a variety of alcoholic beverages using the concepts of “field to bottle” and “forest to bottle.”

DesmondJi Products are exceptional in the Indian alcohol market since they developed an “Indian Brand” in accordance with practices and standards from around the world. The company uses a “Inhouse Business Process” in all areas, including raw materials, distillation, and the creation of their unique bottles and labels.

Also, it has an edge over other premium foreign liquors that are now offered in India in terms of flavour and quality on a global scale. The DesmondJi Company boasts of being the first alcohol brand in India to provide quality foreign spirits, liqueurs, and creative, simple-to-use cocktail mixtures in its unique range of goods.

Products Offered

  • DesmondJi Asia’s only Agave Spirit.
  • Desmondji Mahua, representing the hidden heritage spirit of India.
  • DesmondJi Orange Liqueurs

Sales and Valuation 

DesmondJi was founded in that year. Desmond came to India in 2000 after spending 18 years in the United States. Over the past 20 years, DesmondJi has been travelling the nation in quest of local and indigenous spirits as well as their natural physical surroundings. 12 lakh bottles have been sold in DesmondJi’s lifetime. Three states and two union territories now carry their products.

DesmondJi Business Sales

  • FY 2021 – 2022 sales have been ₹7.5 crore.
  • FY 2022 – 2023 Projected sales will be ₹14.5 Cr.

From October 2021 to September 2022, ₹ 12.42 crores have been sold. September 2022 sales were ₹ 1.25 crore. And Q2 FY 22 – 23 sales were ₹5 crore. If you see their sales split, 50% sales are from B2B and 50% are from Desmondji.

The gross margin for Desmondji is 65%. He made 2.5 crores in net profit. 18 crore has so far been raised for Desmondji. 

Deal or No-deal?

The sharks assert that they have significantly diminished equity and that their product lacks branding as a result of B2B. After providing them the shares, no matter how fantastic the transaction is today, there will be no chance to provide them equity for more investment in the company. Even in the future, the balance of the numbers may come and go at this point. Thus, no sharks provide investment proposals.

Desmondji from Shark Tank India Season 2.


You must have recalled from Season 1 the innovative alcoholic beverage company pitches of Moonshine Asia and India’s first Meadery from DesmondJi Business. By creating a case study and connecting to the sharks’ comments, you may conduct research into many topics to learn more about this firm and sector. India is home to the first such company in Asia, and it is serving as a role model for entrepreneurs and economic development.

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