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Deyor Camps: Get Your Own Personalized Trips

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Shark Tank India Season 2 on Sony TV accepts original company concepts from all throughout the nation. You can see the founders of Deyor Camps Tours and Travels Company ask for funding in return for equity this week on Shark Tank India Season 2. Deyor Camps offers trekking, luxury getaways, and bike trips in a number of locations around the nation. You may reserve your bike trips from Manali to Leh to Srinagar, from Srinagar to Leh to Manali, from Leh to Leh, from Spiti Valley to Sikkim, and many other routes

In the Deyor Camps Business promotional video, the business pitchman claims that this company is a Whatsapp Verified Travel Chatbot Platform, through which booking and discovery are accomplished in 3 simple steps.

In this business presentation, Shark Aman claims that chatbots are useless, and Shark Namita, in response, advises the business owner to work realistically. We will have a thorough conversation for this business after placing all of this dialogue in the context of the business and the episode.

Let’s see if they got a deal or not.

About the Brand

Chirag Gupta is the Chief Executive Officer of Deyor Camps and has earned himself the distinction of being included in Forbes’s “30 Under 30 Asia 2019: Retail & eCommerce” list.

With the use of technology, Deyor Camps hopes to become the biggest experimental travel agency in India and provide simple travel options.

Deyor Camps Business provides ways to check each vacation destination’s information and aids in helping trek locations win over potential clients. They allow passengers to book online while looking for various types of alternative lodging.

Their web store sells environmentally friendly t-shirts that are packaged in biodegradable material that may be planted to produce lovely plants. Additionally, it provides transport to locations like Spiti Valley and Leh Ladakh.

How to use Deyor

  • Step 1 Interact with the chatbot
  • Step 2 Get personalised itinerary
  • Step 3 Book your holiday as customised

For Youngsters who enjoy connecting with one another through original online activities and specially designed interactive tours, Deyor Camps is a lifestyle community. Deyor Adventures Private Limited is its official name. They provide substitutes for luxury getaways, treks, bike trips, and other specially designed travel itineraries.

Sales and Valuation 

Deyor Camps was started in 2016. Indian Outbound Holiday Market Size is ₹3 Lakh Crore, Conversion Rate – 4.6%.

21 destination experts work with them. They have raised an amount of ₹6.5 crore till now.

Their previous amount was raised in the year 2021 & 2022 at a valuation of ₹1.6 crore with ₹50 crore floor & ₹70 crores cap. Deyor did ₹1.75 crore in sales last month and ₹4.4 crore in FY 22 – 23.

The sales so far in FY 22 – 23 have been ₹9 Cr and their full year projection is ₹24 Cr.

Deyor Gross Margin – 25% and Deyor Net Margin – 5%.

Deal or no deal?

Chatbots link everyone, but sharks claim that this will not result in any financial advantages for technology. Sharks also have little or no comprehension of their clients’ concerns and the competition.

There is no deal since all the sharks are out. 


Examine the worksheet and projection after seeing the sharks’ proposals for Deyor Camps Business, and decide how they will work with the current vacation agency and the market to extend the arrangement. Create and talk.

Although many individuals like travelling, the business model and profitability are constantly being impacted by technology and other facilities. Discuss here by reading about this sector’s business threat, and use real-world case studies to make the learning opportunity even more engaging for everyone.

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