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Gladful: India’s First Protein Snack

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Gladful approached Shark Tank India with their concept for protein-rich cookies and snacks that will not only assist youngsters meet their protein needs but also satisfy their hunger in a happy way. Moms no longer have to worry about their health because this is really healthful. They sell cheela, cookies, and many other items that provide children with the necessary amount of protein.

Gladful Snack Business Vision has collaborated with a number of chefs and nutritionists to create the best goods to make certain food items using the best and most natural components that we may regularly use in our diets. intend to broaden.

They requested 50 lakhs for 2%. Let’s see if they can crack a deal with the Sharks or not.

Gladful from Shark Tank India Season 2.

About the Brand 

The founders of the Gladful company are brothers Parul and Manu Sharma, both of whom are from Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Gladful is India’s first family protein snacks, which  produces a variety of protein-rich cookies and morning cereals that each include 4 to 6 grammes of protein. To date, they have sold 60 million protein-rich products.

The founder received an MBA, introduced several products for the Cadbury Company over a 15-year period, and eventually rose to the position of brand manager for Cadbury Chocolate before Manu Sharma revealed the existence of a chartered account. He has edited content on the CarDekho website run by Amit Jain. According to the company’s founder, Parul Sharma, 70% of Indians are protein deficient. Gladful was established in January 2022 to address these issues.

The company’s main products are Gladful Gift Boxes, Gladful Protein Cookies, Gladful Protein Breakfast, Gladful Date Nut Squares, Gladful Roasted Nuts, Gladful Protein Minis.

Sales and Valuation 

The founder company raised Rs 13 crore in 2021. Last month he sold Rs 20 lakh and will sell Rs 24 lakh this month. Lifetime net sale of the company is Rs 1 crore, with Rs 8 lakh cash burn every month

Their gross margin is 50%. Out of the remaining 50%, 25% goes to logistics and trade margin and the last 25% they use on performance marketing. Their online 90% selling and offline 10%.

The valuation of the Company is 14.29 Crore.

Parul Sharma, founder of Gladful Company, presented her company to the sharks with a valuation of 14.29 crores and demanded Rs 50 lakhs in exchange for a 2% equity stake.

Deal or no-deal?

After listening to the offer from the founder of Gladful company, Shark Tank investor Namita Thapar, Aman Gupta made an offer, they want 10% equity in exchange for which they can give Rs 50 lakh

After this, Anupam Mittal made an offer, he wants 3.84% equity, can give 50 lakh rupees instead

Then Amit Jain gave an offer, he wants 3.5% equity, can give 50 lakh rupees instead

Aman Gupta and Namita Thapar gave a reverse offer, they want 4% equity, can give Rs 50 lakh instead.

The founder offered that all three of you Aman Namita Amit Jain come to Aman Namita Amit Jain in exchange of 3.5% equity and the judge of Shark Tank accepts this deal and this deal is done.


Gladful Snack Company offers fresh, fashionable cookies and snacks that are made with healthy ingredients. Several companies are emerging to help Indians adopt healthier eating habits. These enterprises are likewise promoted by sharks, but clients only accept it after seeing its value.

Following this business pitch, mark the questions and answers on this platform from the perspective of the entrepreneur and turn it into a forum for learning from these experiences with the chance to debate it in order to make it a massive business.

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