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Healthy Master is a healthy snack business.

Due to its unique premise and the presentation of cutting-edge concepts, Shark Tank India Season 2 is constantly growing in popularity.

The most recent episode was exclusively devoted to culinary suggestions, despite the fact that the programme is often dominated by technological and necessity-related presentations. The food industry’s many facets, including health goods, decadent delicacies, and even ice cream for animals, were pitched to the sharks.

One of them is Healthy Master, a food business founded by two mothers of business owners. Children typically favour junk food, but adults require healthful nutrition. To satisfy the needs of various age groups, they both developed this snack.

Instead of quitting delicious taste of junk, they provide a robust platform to make a small switch and incorporate healthy tasty alternatives in your lifestyle

Let’s learn in detail about the brand. 

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About the Brand

Healthy Master Business Vision is to showcase items that combine innovation with a motherly sense of health and flavour.

The purpose of Healthy Master Business would be to offer wholesome nourishment to the mother’s children. Every product should balance flavour and health, according to their goal.

Healthy Master Company is a pioneer in providing things produced from whole foods like millet, wheat, soy, fox seeds, etc. that are low in oil and aren’t fried.

Healthy Master from Shark Tank India Season 2.

They have a fantastic crew that assists them in producing the items while keeping in mind the principles of nutrition, health, and hygiene. They strive to offer the greatest services and high-quality items. This company is officially known as Shashila Healthy Master Pvt Ltd.

Bangalore is where it’s headquartered. For the clients, they run a variety of health awareness initiatives.

At Healthy Master, they advocate for produce while offering advice on how to change poor habits into healthy ones without sacrificing flavour, integrating both health and flavour into one’s daily life.

Sales and Valuation 

Healthy Master business was started in 2018.

They have 250 more categories.

Healthy Master Monthly Sales

  • April 2022 Sales – ₹8 Lakh
  • July 2022 Sales – ₹20 Lakh

Healthy Master Yearly Sales

  • FY 2019 – 2020 Sales – ₹31 Lakh
  • FY 2020 – 2021 Sales – ₹1.21 Crore
  • FY 2021 – 2022 Sales – ₹1.31 Crore
  • FY 2022 – 2023 Sales till date – ₹60 lakh
  • FY 2022 – 2023 Projected Sales – ₹8.25 Crore

Healthy Master Sales Split

  • B2B – 42%
  • D2C – 45%
  • Market Place – 13%

Healthy Master Gross Margins

  • B2B – 30%
  • D2C – 60%
  • Blended – 45%

Healthy Master average order value is ₹1250 and customer acquisition cost is ₹515.

The shelf life of all these products is 4 months. 

Snacking Market Size in India is ₹ 60 thousand crores. The founder says that even if he does 5%, it will become a big company.

The monthly burn is ₹ 2 lakh.

Deal or No-deal?

Shark Vineeta’s Offer: ₹50 lakh for 7.1% equity, valuation – ₹7 crore

Business Pitcher’s Counter Offer: ₹50 lakh for 6% equity, valuation – ₹8.33 crore

Shark Vineeta’s Revised Offer: ₹50 lakh for 6.5% equity, valuation – ₹7.69 crore

Business pitcher finalizes a deal on Vineeta’s new offer.


Comment on the actions you believe are required to expand by investing in the Healthy Master Company after seeing the pitch and taking the sharks’ feedback into account. Compare this company’s challenges to those of previous health and wellness ventures that have appeared on Shark Tank India, and use examples to bring out the business entrepreneur in you.

Where Can You Find Them?

Website | Instagram | Youtube | Google Play App | Apple Store

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