How to do Product Research without Helium 10?

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Amazon, the global e-commerce giant, continues to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the online marketplace

Amazon FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) has revolutionised the way individuals and businesses sell products online, providing a seamless and efficient platform for sellers worldwide.

Selling on opens up a vast customer base in the United States, allowing Indian sellers to tap into one of the largest e-commerce markets globally. 

With millions of active buyers on, Indian sellers have the potential to reach a wide audience and grow their businesses exponentially.

Gone are the days when sellers relied solely on external tools like Helium 10 for product research. 

Today, itself offers a wealth of information and insights that enable sellers to conduct thorough research without the need for additional software. 

We will focus exclusively on and explore how product research can be conducted directly on the platform, without relying on external tools like Helium 10.

 With Amazon providing valuable insights and data to buyers, conducting thorough product research has become easier than ever before. Please keep in mind that this blog talks only and only about AMAZON.COM and not AMAZON.IN. 

Product Research without Helium 10

Product research has become quite easy nowadays as Amazon itself has started showing us, as the buyers, the items which are being sold in the market. We can easily do our own product research using Amazon itself, without the help of Helium 10.

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Step I : Setting up 

The very first step would include going to and setting up your location in the USA. You can put any US pincode or you can simply copy the one we have used here: 

Step II: Product Research 

Now that we have our set up ready, we can simply use Amazon as our research tool, instead of using Helium 10 or any other product research software. 

So how do we do it? 

Search for a product on Amazon’s search bar. For example, we will search for kitchen cleaning wipes. 

As you can see in the picture, the sponsored products are shown first. Sponsored products are the products whose sellers pay amazon to advertise their products. 

Now as we start scrolling, you can see how many customers bought that particular product in the past month.

Step III: Revenue Calculation

If we take into consideration the following product, we can easily calculate how much revenue. So this particular product was sold 100k times or more in the past month for $11.79, which roughly gives us the monthly revenue of $1 Million. It is simple math. 

The cool thing is that now Amazon itself shows us how many products were sold in the past month. We do not need any plugin or any software to find that out anymore. 

How would it impact buyer behaviour? Would this impact a new seller negativelly? Can a new seller do it?

The Bottom Line

Amazon generously offers users access to crucial product data without charging any fees. This method simplifies product research, enabling you to make informed decisions without relying on Helium 10 or similar tools. However, for added assurance, you can always verify your findings using Helium 10 or other research software.

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Note: Kindly note that this blog exclusively discusses and not

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