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Licksters shark tank

Licksters Ice Cream Tricked Sharks Tank India Judges to Get The Deal By Flattery

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Licksters Ice Cream is India’s first premium popsicle brand, that is made with 80% fruits. It does not use any artificial colors or chemicals. 

Even though their popsicles scored high in health factor, still their pitch failed to impress sharks and they were reluctant to invest in this company. But the founders were not the ones who easily take no for an answer.

They used one of the oldest tricks in the book to sweeten the judges (Peyush Bansal and Amit Jain) i.e., flattery. 

Let us check out more about their brand, their pitch, owners, and also whether their trick worked or not. 

Licksters Ice cream

Licksters Ice Cream

Apart from popsicles, Licksters also sell ice-creams too. With their wide range of desserts, they have treats for everyone having a sweet tooth. 

Their wide range of products includes:

  • Popsicles
  • Ice Creams
  • Pop it Shakes
  • Swirl Hot Chocolates
  • Waffle Pops
  • Fruity Cold Brew Coffees. 

Their Popsicle Range consists of:

  • Ice Cream Pops
  • Vegan gluten-free fruit pops
  • Greek yogurt bars
  • Chocolate Ice Cream Pops
  • Innovative range of gooey-centered pops. 

Heaven for desert lovers, isn’t it?

If you are obsessed with sweets, then you surely won’t be disappointed with their varieties. The best part is that depending upon your mood, whether you are sad and want to cheer yourself up with chocolate ice cream or you are immensely motivated to stick to your diet and choose to eat their fruit popsicle. They have definitely taken care of all your needs.

If you are confused and don’t know what to try, then you are in for LUCK. 

They have a special Shark Tank offer, they are giving you the opportunity to try their full range of products. Which includes Fruit Pops, Ice Cream Pops, and Ice cream mini tubs. 

If you wish to enjoy all their ice creams then click here.

Time for you to stop drooling and order some of their yummy ice cream treats!!!

Liksters owners

Licksters Owners

Dhivya and Parimal are the founders of Licksters. In the summer of the year 2018 they as a couple went on a 100-day No Sugar, No Dairy Challenge. 

Avoiding Ice Cream in the hot Nagpur summer was almost impossible but to win the challenge we started eating fruits to satisfy our dessert cravings. Grapes, Mangoes, Musk Melons, and many other fruits. Gradually they got hooked on the taste of real fruits in those 100 days.

Once the challenge was over, the first thing we did was to reach out and grab an ice cream pint from the nearest ice cream store. They finished the pint in 5 minutes but ended up disappointed as they failed to recognize the taste of fruit in the ice cream. 

They tried ice creams from street brands to premium brands but they all disappointed them, the reason being that even the most premium ice creams had only 20% fruit content. 

Moreover, these so-called ice creams were mostly made of cheap ingredients, fake flavors, and fillers like wheat flour, and most importantly these ice creams were full of artificial colors and harmful preservatives.

This experience led them to make our own ice creams. With 6 months of research, they came up with 7 flavors. In the summer of 2019, they bought machines and began their commercial operations. 

Today they have more than 30 flavors and innovations like our Ooey Gooey Centered Pops. 

Social Media Accounts

Instagram | Facebook | Website

Licksters Shark Tank

Here is what the sharks have to say about this premium Popsicle and Ice cream brand.

When Namita Thapar asked how did they think of starting an ice cream business, Piramal said that he is very passionate about ice creams and has done his education in hotel management. 

Aman Gupta commented that it tastes just like normal chocolate ice cream plus at 140 rupees, it is expensive then why will anyone buy their ice cream over a Cornetto which comes at ₹25? To which the founders said their 80% of sales come from popsicles under ₹100.

Amit Jain pointed out that even the Jamun popsicle which is ₹80 is expensive as compared to Kwality walls Jamun which is ₹20. Dhivya (founder) said that the difference is that their popsicle uses 80% real Jamun and does not contain any sugar, artificial flavor, or color. This is not the case with Kwality ice creams.

According to Anupam their Logo, the message on their packet that “You have picked up the 2nd best thing to lick” and their brand name Licksters is highly suggestive. To which the founders explained that when a person has ice cream in their hand, they just want to lick and enjoy it. 

Time to look at their sales:

  • (2019-2020)- ₹9 lakhs sales
  • (2020-2021)- ₹16 lakh sales
  • (2021-2022)- ₹65 lakh sales
  • (2022-2023)- ₹86 lakh sales
  • Projected sales for (2022-2023) ₹2 crores

They have their own 2 stores and 3 franchise and 2 upcoming stores. All their stores are profitable.

Gross Margin:

  • Own Stores- 20 to 22%
  • Franchise- 50%

Net Margin:

  • Own store- 40%
  • Franchise- 20-23%

40% of their margin comes from popsicles and 50% from ice creams. 

Deal or No Deal?

Namita Thapar pulled out citing that the pricing is wrong.

They tried to convince Peyush by telling him that they had purchased from Lenskart and how much detailing and quality control they do for glasses, even they also do for their ice creams. However, Peyush backed off saying that he is already an investor in one popsicle brand so he does not want to invest in another.

Aman did not invest because of pricing and potential.

Anupam had a problem with their logo and brand positioning, because of which he pulled out.

Amit Jain also was not much keen because he did not like the taste, but the founders said that they are big fans of Car Dekho, and this made him change his decision and he decided to give an offer of ₹50 lakhs. 

₹25 lakhs for 5% equity and ₹25 lakhs in debt. 

*Under the condition that they will make the product better and correct the pricing.

The founder accepted the offer and secured the deal.


Although the founders of Liksters had a hard time convincing the sharks to invest in their business. We would love to know whether they were successful in convincing you to try their products. 

Are you willing to invest in your health by opting for popsicles made up of real fruits or you would rather stick to your regular choice of ice creams? Let us know through comments.

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