MindPeers from Shark Tank India Season 2.

MindPeers: Become Mentally Stronger 

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The world’s first mental strength platform, “MindPeers,” which provides tools for mental wellness, is getting ready to wow the sharks with a presentation that centres on a major problem plaguing the country. India tops these unfavourable figures and has the title of being the most depressed country in the world. 

With the help of their platform’s unique technology, entrepreneurs Sahil Chitkara and Kanika Agarwal from Delhi hope to proactively enhance people’s mental health.

The paradigm described above takes into account how a person’s job, relationships, financial situation, and other circumstances might impact their mental health. The firm has increased its presence in Singapore, the UK, and the US, and is currently guiding 3.5 lakh consumers.

The first mental power platform in the world, Mindpeers Business offers a platform for self-care, healing, and mental wellness.

The founders want money in the amount of Rs. 53 lakhs for 1% equity in order to change the perception of mental health care from one of a privilege to one of a need.

Let’s see if they got a deal o not.

About the brand

Kanika Agarwal, the MindPears Business founder, established PassionPears in 2016 as a digital transformation business with customers including Unilever and Marks & Spencer. She is also a licensed life coach who only uses MindPeers to conduct sessions.

They are giving you access to a system, which can provide you greater mental strength. They are putting together this collection of activities that will help you “Build and Optimize Your Mental Strength.” Delhi is the home of MindPeers.

With an emphasis on mental health, Mindpeers Business provides various self-assessment tools to assist monitor mood and mental health fitness. Based on the outcomes, Mindpeers offers tailored solutions. Users may connect with licenced mental health coaches, professional psychologists, and psychiatrists through Mindpeers.

Services Offered

  • SelfCare
  • Team Care
  • Therapy
  • Boats
  • Vent Out

MindPeers from Shark Tank India Season 2.

Sales and Valuation 

₹1.12 Cr @ ₹33.75 Cr was raised at valuation.

In 2017, the founder went through severe anxiety, which made her understand the power of the mind and mental health. 

MindPeers was established in 2019. MindPeers is now a 50+ people strong team dedicated to helping users become mentally strong. For this, the joining customer has to pay 350 per month.

With Mindpeers, 3.5 lakh users have come on the app so far and there are 30 thousand active users. Mind Peers did sales of ₹16.5 Lakhs on Oct 22, of which ₹6.5 Lakhs were from B2B sales and ₹10 Lakhs from B2C.

Deal or no deal

Kanika discusses how her own struggles with problems like anxiety, panic attacks, and the fear of failure have altered the way she approaches these issues and eventually motivated her to start this business. 

The Sharks are shown the user interface of the website, which reveals the hiring of 6 psychologists for a monthly membership fee of Rs. 350. While their brand is thriving mostly as a result of their B2B relationships, the team needs it to establish itself as a household name, and for that, they also need all Sharks to go with them on this journey.

Individual appeals are made to each of them to get their attention, which finally causes the Sharks to make a number of proposals. Peyush starts the chain by giving them exactly what they requested, and “the unbeatable combination” Namita and Vineeta continue the chain by doing the same.

In the end, the founders also persuade Peyush to join the larger Sharks team, but he also makes a separate offer in addition to the combined one. With him, Aman, Namita, and Vineeta working together to close the purchase for Rs. 53 lakhs against 1% equity, the creator of LensKart also made a single bid for the same amount. 

Overall, “MindPeers” emerges victorious after closing a major funding for Rs. 1.06 crores against 2% equity.


If you have ever seen this business before, the Proprietory Algorhythm developed by Mindpeers Business measures a very significant component of your life. If so, please share your thoughts on the experience and its applicability to the market. It assesses your relationship, work, and financial situation and reveals how each of these factors is influencing your mental health.

Businesses also provide Neuroscience Games and Venting & Community Events to help you find the answer by examining your innermost thoughts. Please provide your thoughts on whether you plan to invest in this Mindpeers Business to Measure & Build Mental Strength along with a business justification.

Where to Find

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