Organic Smokes Review | Make your Smoking Experience Guilt-Free With Herbal Cigarettes

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The pitch made by the organic smokes founders was indeed amusing and kept us entertained all the way.

Be it their dressing style, the way they spoke, hand gestures, and even their beard and hairstyle were quite refreshing and unlike your conventional entrepreneurs found in India. 

Even though their cool demeanor and laid-back attitude failed to raise any money from the sharks, they have got some SWAG that we cannot deny.

Let us check out what Organic Smokes is all about!!!

Organic Smokes Review

The brand aims to make smoking a guilt-free experience.

Their philosophy is that if people cannot drop the habit of smoking at least can change it. With Organic Smokes, they have replaced nicotine in cigarettes with caffeine. 

They are doing it by substituting the tobacco in cigarettes with herbal ingredients like tulsi, green tea, rose petals, and many more exotic herbs.

These products are based on Ancient Ayurvedic Smoking Therapy.

They claim that it gives you the same satisfaction as smoking tobacco, without any health impact, and is approved by the AYUSH ministry.

Organic Smokes Price

Each packet is OF ₹250 and contains 10 pcs.

Organic smokes mild
herbal cigarettes

Organic Smoke Side Effects

The brand claims that its cigarettes are completely safe with zero side effects. However, they advise lit one cigarette every four hours.

Organic Smoke Mild

These cigarettes are handcrafted with all the organic and ayurvedic blends like Holy Basil, Camellia Sinensis, Rose petals, A. Acuminata, Solanum Nigrum, Spearmint leaves, and Ephedra Vulgaris rolled in 100% biodegradable paper.

Organic Smokes Founders

Nitin, Piyush, and Gaurav are three brothers from Sonipat Haryana. Their motivation behind building this brand stems from their lack of interest in running their father’s Ayurvedic shop. 

The monotonous life of sitting in a shop did not appeal to them. They had the certification of Organic India. So they decided to roll the herbs and smoke them. 

This gave them the idea that this idea could become big. So they approached their father to get his insights, he liked their idea and suggested copyrighting and trademarking their brand.

They followed his advice and this is how the Organic Smokes brand came into existence.

Organic Smokes Products

  • Menthol Biodegradable Cigarettes
  • Regular Biodegradable Cigarettes
  • Mild Biodegradable Cigarettes
  • Art Rolling kit
  • Roll Your Own Blend Original Flavour
  • Menthol Cigarillos
  • Regular Cigarillos
  • Mild Cigarillos
  • Cigarillos set
  • Roll Your Own Kit Box

Social media Links

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Organic Smokes Website

Website link 

Funding asked from the sharks

₹1 Cr for 1 % equity.

Sales of the company

Through exhibitions, they have formed their network of distributors all over India. 

April 2022- ₹7 lakh

May 2022- ₹20 lakh

June 2022- ₹14 lakh

July 2022- ₹15 lakh

August 2022- ₹40 lakh

Their sales projection for the year 2022-2023 is ₹5 Cr.

Their profit is 10%

Sharks offer

Since their products were not backed by any scientific research, Anupam Mittal and Aman Gupta backed out. 

Namita Thapar, Vineeta Singh, and Piyush Goyal backed out because they don’t have any experience in this industry and did not understand what are the future plans of Organic Smokes.

Concluding remarks

Whether this brand can successfully convert tobacco smokers to organic smokers, needs to be seen. Their cause is good and even though they failed to raise any money from the sharks we do hope that their products become popular amongst smokers and can motivate them to switch from tobacco.

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