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Sharks Anupam Mittal (CEO of – People Group), Aman Gupta (Co-Founder and CMO of boAt), Namita Thapar (Executive Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals), Vineeta Singh (CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics), Peyush Bansal (CEO of, and new shark Amit Jain (CEO and co-founder ofCarDekho Group,   judge Shark Tank India 2.

The Sharks enjoyed the home-cooked goodies as well as Vinit’s marketing abilities, and Anupam referred to him as “Naye Bharat ke ubharte chehre” (among emerging faces of new India). 

Vinit stated to an IANS news agency: “Meeting the sharks was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and their advice would help us develop more quickly and effectively than previously. The trip has been exhilarating, and our company strategy has undergone significant change. We are eager to establish the brand as a one-stop shop for all snacking requirements.

Anupam Mittal wrote on appreciating the brand on Linkedin saying, “Big lesson to take away from this story … Once you have clarity, perhaps you don’t need a college degree. The confidence with which they dropped out is worth reflecting upon. These guys are at a profitable revenue run rate of ₹3 crore. Their resourcefulness, their tenacity and their clarity compelled us to invest and we are happy to lend our wings to their flight

About the Founders

The second group, consisting of Vinit Govinda Patil, Geeta Govinda Patil, and Darshil Anil Savla, enters, proudly advertising the cosy nature of their brand, “PatilKaki Snacks,” a home-based snack company.
Co-founding PatilKaka with Vinit Patil. He skipped out of high school and had previously worked as a Full Stack Developer for SleepyCat mattresses. His college dropout friend Darshan subsequently joins him as a partner.

Kaki began her door-to-door business with just Rs. 5000 before teaming up with her son and a friend to turn the Maharashtrian food company into an internet platform

In their sales pitch, they suggest that snack brand names are generally branded or local. Whereas the second is all about employing preservatives, the former does not care about cleanliness. In order to address this issue head-on, “PatilKaki” combines the health benefits of home-style cooking with hygienic upkeep.

About the Brand

Patil Kaki Snacks have a wide variety of Ladoos, Chakli, Chevda, Kachori, Makhana, and Karanji in their store, among other things. Additionally, Modak and Puranpoli are exclusively offered in Mumbai via online meal delivery applications.

 Take a look at their Menu:

Where to find Patil Kaki Snacks

Website: | Email: | Call: +91 8591 336 124 | Instagram: | Facebook: |

You will also find Patil Kaki Snacks on Zomato, Swiggy, Amazon and other websites.

PatilKaki is now shark approved. Fill the form on their website and get a flat 10% discount.

Sales of the Company

They now have 18000 subscribers, but they intend to grow to encompass all of India. The demand from the group is Rs. 40 lakh for 2.5% equity.

They are now preparing semi-automatically, and all of their advertising, packaging, and branding were developed by themselves. The finished product really amazes sharks. 

They also intend to transfer the quality of their meals to physical outlets in order to spread their sense of trustworthiness and homeliness to various regions of the nation.

The residual margin for PatilKaki is evaluated at 25% after accounting for all manufacturing costs and other factors. They made 1.3 crores of rupees in sales the previous year, but this year they expect to make 3 crores.

Sharks’ Offer

Vineeta liked Patil Kaki’s “desi” moniker, and Peyush was taken aback by its upscale packaging. Aman, however, questioned how automating the production method would impact their USP of handcrafted flavour.

Anupam makes the proposal and offers Rs. 40 lakhs for 4% stake. Vineeta sets another one with 40% equity, despite the fact that she knows it would fall short of the first. 

Aman goes ahead and makes an offer of Rs. 40 lakhs for 5% stock, but Namita declines since she thinks that other sharks will be of more assistance in this area. Peyush and Anupam pool their resources to offer the same 40 lakh rupees for 4% ownership, but Aman counters with a fresh offer of 40 lakh rupees for 4% ownership in an effort to close the purchase alone.

The Patil Kaki Snacks squad heads outside for a quick meeting after a period of continued fighting. When they return to the sharks, they accept Peyush and Anupam’s combined offer and invite two sharks aboard.

Peyush informed us on stage that he will finally get in touch with Aman to meet with them, which was a significant development.

Here is the pitch’s official promotional video:

PatilKaki formally acknowledged on Instagram that they had accepted the agreement. After the programme aired, they also had a 10% discount available on their website.

Concluding Remarks

In Season 2 of Shark Tank in India, as a representation of Kaki Maa ka khaana, Patil Kaki Snacks has entered the stage. By bringing home meals to a wide scale of company and integrating it with all food delivery partners, a very attractive business case study has been created for India. There are numerous home-based enterprises around. However, very few companies can be established on such a big scale. Do try their products and give us a review in the comment section.

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