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Perfora Tooth Paste

There are a plethora of brands that offer clean products for skincare, haircare, and body care. Oral care is a new category in which the entry of cleaner products has started to gain momentum.

Perfora is one such brand. It is India’s 1st made safe certified toothpaste, with effective ingredients and natural flavors.

In their pitch, they pointed out that some of the leading toothpaste brands available in India use ingredients like SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) which is used to create foam in detergents, Titanium Dioxide and Sodium Acrene. Some of these chemicals are banned in other countries. 

Instead of SLS, they use an alternate ingredient that produces comparatively less form but will give you the feeling that it’s cleaning your teeth.

Their toothpaste comes in some interesting flavors like Lemon, Jamun Mint, and Lavender Rose.

The only turnoff is that their products cost ₹250 for 100 gms, whereas popular toothpaste brands cost ₹100 for 100 grams. To solve this problem they are trying to bring products that are price competitive. 

perfora toothpaste

Perfora Oral Care

Perfora provides complete oral care solutions and their product range includes Toothpaste, Electric Toothbrushes, Teeth whitening products, Alcohol-free mouthwash, Smart water flossers, Tongue Cleaners, etc.

Vision: Revolutionise the oral care industry in 5 years and make their products present in 1 crore Indian washrooms.

Their Dental Goals are:

  • Gum Protection
  • Anti Sensitivity
  • Fresh Breath
  • Teeth whitening
  • Plaque Removal

You can also take their Oral Care Quiz here

Right now they have not mentioned any claims in their products. For e.g., their teeth whitening product does not mention how much time the users will get results, because they don’t want to give any false claims. They, however, intend to study the data and interview the users before making any claims.

Perfora oral care

Perfora Tooth Paste Founders

This company is founded by Tushar Khurana from Haryana and Jatan Bawa from Maharashtra. They both have honors from Delhi University.

They met at Jagriti Yatra a train, where 500 aspiring entrepreneurs meet in the train. At that time both were working in a start-up and were finding a path of their own. They met a few times after that and since both were based in Gurgaon they began to meet often and brainstorm ideas. 

The oral health category captured their attention and they started this venture.

Jatan Bawa believes that a life partner is easy to find because there are multiple platforms for that, but there are not many platforms to find business partners. They both share a deep trust and good camaraderie.

Tushar looks after sales and accounting and Jatan looks after product development, operations, supply chain, and brand communication.

Perfora Shark Tank India

Perfora shark tank

The original ask by the founders was ₹80 lakhs for 1% equity.

Anupam was not impressed with their marketing game. He suggested that they should have developed fear (that they are putting harmful ingredients in the mouth) amongst their consumers, or used efficacy (claim that their products show results in these many days) or a lucrative price as compared to their competitors. 

To which the founders replied that they too are learning and are not the smartest. They will incorporate his advice and apply it to their business.

Peyush too was disappointed that they have not leveraged the power of social media and are focused on spending on performance marketing. The founders explained that they are in a hurry to grow their business because a lot of competition has come up and they want to stay ahead. Peyush replied that a successful business is built when you think long-term. 

However, the judges were impressed when they came to know that the founders were able to grow their sales 5 times in just 6 months. To achieve this feat they added more products, increased their existing channels, and went deep into the existing channels. They focused on customer service, delivery, pricing, etc.

Namita and Vineeta offered ₹80 lakhs for 4% equity at ₹20 crores valuation, which the founders did not accept because it would not be fair to their existing investors, who had given them a better valuation.

Peyush, Namita, and Vineeta then gave the offer of ₹80 lakhs for 2.5%, which the founders accepted and the deal was sealed.

Where To Find Them

Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Website

Concluding Remarks

When these young entrepreneurs of India come up with products that are cleaner and safer to use, it alerts the big international players to step up their game and focus more on the health and safety of their consumers. 

Such a consumer-centric approach for businesses creates a win-win situation for everyone. The consumer is saved from paying money for harmful products and being cheated. Businesses too earn customer loyalty and trust.

I would like to conclude with some of the entrepreneurial qualities that we can learn from the founders of perfora:

  1. Unique Products

Not only they developed products that are safe but also introduced them to interesting flavors of lemon, Mint Guava, and Lavender Rose.

  1. Good Camaraderie Between Founders

Both founders trust each other a lot. If you have a business partner, it is important to have a deep bond and connection to build a successful business.

  1. 5x Sales in just 6 Months

They learned from their earlier mistakes and hustled hard to improve their customer service, provide better delivery, introduced better products, adjusted the pricing, and increased and developed existing channels of sales to achieve 5x revenue.

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