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Nirmalaya: All Natural Incense Products

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Agarbattis and other authentic items with high standards for safety will be produced by Nirmalaya Business in a fragrance-filled product that will give your house a feeling of purity. Nirmalaya means “Pure” With these lines, the business pitchman presents the enterprise and the concept of Nirmalaya-made goods.

In order to rid our nation of religious garbage and chemical-laden items, Nirmalaya Business Vision seeks to engage women to create products like incense using tried-and-true techniques and components sourced from these flowers.

Let’s see if they get a deal or not.

About the Brand

Nirmalaya Business offers goods manufactured with components presented to the gods in an effort to create a world of fragrantly enhanced items that leave a feeling of purity in your house. The most underrated cause of cancer in India is breathing in the smoke from the majority of black incense.

The Nirmalaya Business has become an extension of the everyday scene of India thanks to the ringing of temple bells, the amazing scent wafting from the windows, and the copious sacrifices to the gods. The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research granted Nirmalaya’s patents after Nirmalaya created its own recycling procedure.

All these products made using the Holy Nirmalay have 3 main features;

  • Carbon Neutral
  • Made From Flowers
  • Safe To Breathe

Products Offered

  • Incense Sticks
  • Dhoop
  • Cones
  • Havan Cups
  • Essential Oils
  • Attars
  • Cow Dung Havan

Sales and Valuation 

Shark Tank India Season 2 Nirmalaya Business recycles tons of flower waste which is collected from 120 temples in Delhi NCR.

Provide employment to 100+ women by encouraging micro entrepreneurship in Nirmalaya. Nirmalaya Factory is spread over approximately 3000 yards in Dham Complex, Delhi and they collect flowers from over 300 temples.

Yearly Nirmalaya Sales

  • FY 2020 – 21 Sales – ₹29 Lakh
  • FY 2021 – 22 Sales – ₹2.6 Cr
  • FY 2022 – 23 Sales – ₹3 Cr (Sales Till Date)
  • FY 2022 – 23 Projected Sales – 8 Crore

If we look at the whole market of incense sticks, then it is worth ₹ 11 thousand crores, in this the market of premium incense sticks will be ₹ 1000 crores. Aug 22 Sales are ₹ 51 Lakh.

There are equal 50% sales in online and offline.

  • ₹ 80 lakh sales in September 22, in which –
  • Havan Cup – ₹15 lakh
  • Incense sticks and incense – ₹25 lakh
  • Gift Box – ₹40 Lakh
  • ₹8 lakh to ₹10 lakh they spend on marketing.
  • The repeat rate of their product is -35%.
  • offline sales split
  • Corporate Gifting – 75%
  • Others – 25%

They raised ₹6.5 crore in July 2022 at a post money valuation of ₹28 crore.

Deal or No-deal?

All the sharks agree that they have received the appropriate quantity of funds. Additionally, they will need to assess the category and level of competition in which they operate as well as the risk and potential for expansion. They don’t offer any investments because they currently don’t require them. 

And there is no deal.

Nirmalaya from Shark Tank India.


With Nirmalaya Business, we are brought back to the innovative recycling strategies of companies like Scrap Uncle, Econi Furniture, and Daily Dump Compost. By integrating shark suggestions on startup company failures with case studies to comprehend ideas to alter behaviours and develop powerful enterprises in India, the Shark Tank platform offers learning possibilities for business reviews.

Describe your knowledge with the approach that Nirmalaya Business has created and whether you have ever utilised a product like this to support your idea for the company’s growth. Without knowing its use, it is challenging to comprehend corporate processes. Therefore, data should be evaluated with usefulness in order to create a successful business that takes into account nature. We may generate a learning opportunity by having a discussion on this platform if there are any questions and answers related to this study.

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