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Ravel Shark tank

Customized Haircare | Ravel Shampoo Complete Review | Shark Tank India

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There is no standardized path to being an Entrepreneur. Some have a clear vision of what they want to do right from childhood. 

While some have to Sharpen their observation skills and understand what product could solve the specific needs of people. Ravel shampoo is one such brand. 

Every Individual has different hair types and scalps, but most of the products available in the market are generic. Ravel shampoos take into consideration the different hair types, requirements, and goals and craft a customized shampoo.

Let Us Review this Brand deeper from the lens of the shark.

Ravel shampoos

Ravel Products Review

To order your customized shampoo, you will first need to fill up their quiz, which could be a pain. Here almost half of the people lose interest, and only 50% reach the end of the quiz.

Their quiz aims at knowing your hair type, and any hair treatments that you have undergone and the fun part is that it lets you choose the color, Fragrance and you can even get your name written on the bottles. 

Based on your answers their team will make unique and customized products by using the right and effective ingredients for your hair.

All their ingredients are Clean, carefully sourced, and tested by their scientists to ensure safety and quality. 

What They Dont Use:

  • Cruelty-Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Paraben Free
  • GMO-Free
  • Phthalate Free

Ravel Haircare Products:

To date, more than 2 lakh people have customized their shampoo with Ravel.

Let us check out what some of their customers have to say about them:

  1. “Hairfall is less. Texture has improved and when I went to my stylist for a hairdo, she noticed a visible difference in the smoothness of my hair. I think if a stylist notices a visible difference then it must be so.

My only complaint, I feel the quantity is a little less.

Quality wise I am quite satisfied” Richa Bansal

  1. “Have been using the products for a month now. This was my 2nd purchase. I can feel the difference. It’s awesome” Rajdeep Sharma.

You can check out all their reviews here.

Vision: Provide everyone the products that are specially crafted for them.

Use Code SHARK TANK to get 10% off on all orders.

Ravel founder Ayush Mahesh Verma

Ravel Shampoos Founder

Ayush Mahesh Verma from Amravati is the founder of Ravel shampoos. After completing his schooling in home town he came to Mumbai to complete his engineering in Computer science. 

After he finished his degree, he was clear on one thing he does not want to do a job but was not clear as to what kind of business he wanted to start. Just to gain some clarity he went on a backpacking trip for 6 months all over India.

While traveling he studied the cultural diversity, the different diets of different regions, and different environments but the products that they used were generic. From here he got the idea to start this business.

He started work on his company in Nov 2018, did R & D for one and a half years, and launched it in Jan 2021. When Aman Gupta asked why he took such a long time to launch his company.

He reasoned that he was not an expert in this field, so he had to hire experts and made a lot of trial and error. Some of his batches failed and he had to start again. Also, he launched his company in march 2020 but the lockdown happened and the launch got delayed. 

Social Media Accounts

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Website

Ravel Shark Tank

The founder had asked for ₹75 lakhs for 2.5% equity at ₹30 crore valuation.

Ravel Shampoos did not impress the sharks much, but Namita Thapar liked the positive attitude of the Founder and Peyush Bansal asked him if he is willing to start a business in the Eyewear category then he was willing to invest in that business. 

Anupam however was enticed by the sales of the company. Let’s check it out.

Annual Revenue- ₹5 crores

July 2022- ₹40 lakhs sales

Jan (2022) to March (2022)- ₹1.55 crores

Before its appearance in Shark Tank, it was a Bootstrap company.

Monthly gross margin- ₹40 lakhs

Net Sales- ₹35 lakhs

Marketing cost- ₹9.78 lakhs

The founder is running all the ads and handling the entire marketing. He had adopted a breakthrough marketing strategy.

Breakthrough Marketing: refers to new and innovative ways of marketing a product through focused efforts. Breakthrough marketing helps small and medium-sized companies to create a buzz for their product on a relatively small budget.

They have 20% of repeat customers.

Net revenue for July (2022) was 35 lakh, June (2022) was 22 lakhs, May (2022) was 15 lakhs and April (2022) was 5 lakhs.

Net Revenue: When you deduct discount, commission, G.S.T., and sales return from Gross revenue.

Aman Gupta suggested the founder do in-depth research in the haircare industry and learn from the mistakes of his competitors but was not interested in investing in the business.

Namita Thapar suggested that he should only focus on hair care, make it big and then enter skin care and body care.

Vineeta Singh was skeptical because there is no limit to the number of SKUs in customized products and that is why she backed out.

Peyush told him he will invest if he starts a business in the eyewear category, but pulled out from Ravel shampoos.

Anupam gave the offer of ₹75 lakhs for 10% equity at a 7.5 crores valuation.

*Ravel needs to achieve ₹7.5 lakhs profit in 2 months.

The founder gave the counter offer of ₹75 lakhs for 3.5% equity, but Anupam rejected it and the deal was fixed at Anupam’s first offer of ₹75 lakhs for 10% equity.


We don’t know whether the idea of customized shampoo will be widely accepted by Indians, but we did find the hustling attitude of the founder Ayush Verma very inspiring. 

He spent one and a half years researching and developing his products. Even when his initial batches failed, he was persistent and started again and again.

To save the cost of marketing, he learned marketing and single-handedly runs the entire marketing. 

In order to be a successful entrepreneur this hustling attitude is very important, let me know through comments if you agree with me. 

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