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Sepal shark tank India

Sepal Shield Gets A Deal From Peyush Bansal Of Lenskart | Shark Tank India

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Sepal Shark Tank India

Sepal shield could be a boon for middle-class people who uses two-wheelers for traveling short distances with their family or to their work. 

It is a motorcycle canopy that fixes easily on the bike and protects the rider from harsh sun rays, cold winds, Heavy rains, dust, and pollution.

When the founders of Sepal pitched their product to sharks, they were not able to convince them to invest in their products, barring Peyush Bansal. 

Peyush knew that a lot of work needs to be done on the product, but he took the bet on the entrepreneurs and invested in their company.

Let us dive deep into their pitch and product.

Sepal shield

Sepal Shield Review

As mentioned before it is a canopy that protects the rider from harsh weather and changes their bike riding experience.

Check out against which weather can it protect you.

Sun– Its canopy protects you against harsh sun rays and they have a windshield to protect you from the hot winds.

Rains– Its windshield and canopy protect the rider as well as the pillion riders from moderate to heavy rains. Additionally, they also provide thigh flaps to cover the thighs.

Pollution– If you use the bike for traveling to work, it provides you with protection against city pollution from smoke from heavy vehicles, dust, and construction sites. So that after a hectic day of work, it makes your commute easy.

Features of sepal:

  1. Canopy is made from a high-grade fiber-reinforced Polymer that can withstand bad roads. You also get a range of options to customize this as per your needs.

  1. Their windshield is made up of Polycarbonate plastic, which is the strongest plastic.

  1. All the materials that they have used are Aerospace grade, which means that they are lightweight but have high strength.

  1. The mobile holder is adjustable to hold all types of mobiles and you can adjust the height that is comfortable for you. They also have their own app which you can download from the app store. 

The mobile holder has a 4-way joystick on the left to give users the flexibility of navigating the functions and options of their mobile while riding the bike.

On the right side, they have 2 buttons that give you the option of selecting the options and going back in your mobile. 

This feature allows you to answer calls, and listen to music while riding the bike.

Sepal logo

Note: for safety reasons, it does not give you the option of playing videos while riding the bike, and if the speed is above 30 KmpH you won’t be able to navigate through your mobile. 

The structure of Sepal is designed to withstand speeds up to 120KmpH. They recommend users to not travel beyond 100KmpH with Sepal.

As long as the motorcycle has footrests and a petrol tank, Sepal can be fixed on any bike.

You can adjust the height of the canopy as per your height.

They have a presence in 25 states in India and they export to foreign countries like U.S., U.K., the middle east, and African countries.

Let us look at how to assemble it. This product consists of three parts:

  1. The windshield has to be attached to the petrol tank and it has industrial straps that can be attached to the footrests.
  2. Then the canopy has two parts that can be easily attached to the windshield.
  3. Check out the video on exactly how to assemble.

*The plan to launch its scooter version is in the pipeline.

Sepal Shield Price

The price of Sepal shield is ₹10,000 thousand, their price is high because the demand is more than the supply.

They however plan to scale up the production and plan to bring the sales down to ₹5.000.

Also currently they have slashed the price and are giving a special Shark Tank Discount. Apart from their Website, you can purchase it from Amazon and Flipkart.

Sepal Shield Founders

Vidhey Addepally and Kashyap Addepally are the founders of Sepal. They are brothers and belong to Hyderabad. 

Vidhey studied Civil Engineering at IIT Bombay, with honors in Structural Engineering. He also got admission to Standford university. After his last semester was over at IIT Bombay and before the start of his classes at Standford university he had some free time.

 So he decided to use his engineering skills and make something for himself. At that time he use to travel by cycle to attend his classes at IIT Bombay and many times because of the rains he would be completely soaked and had to attend classes in wet clothes. 

To solve that problem he went to his mechanical engineering lab, did some tinkering, and made a contraption for himself. He then decided to expand it to wheelers and thought that he could solve a big problem in India with his shield. So he chose not to pursue his higher studies at Stanford University and decided to focus on being an Entrepreneur.

Kashyap is a design student and has studied Architecture in Pune. Then he went to the U.K., did a master’s in parametric design, and established a design studio in Hyderabad. Later he joined his brother in the Sepal company.

sepal shield

Social Media Accounts

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Website

Funding asked from the sharks

₹50 Lakhs for 1% equity

Sales of the company

Lifetime sales (launched in January 2022) ₹1,000 units. 

July 2022 they sold 160  units.

June 2022- ₹10 lakhs sales

July 2022- ₹ 12 lakhs sales

Unit economics:

50% COGS (manufacturing costs)

Gross Margin 37%

When the production will scale up to 1000 units they will get an 18-20% net margin.

Sepal Funding

Before coming to shark tank India they had already raised ₹2.2. crores at ₹3 million (₹22.5 crores) valuation in 2022.

Amit Jain backed out citing that this product is expensive for people in rural areas.

Anupam Mittal suggested they focus on the scooter version and target companies like Swiggy, logistics companies, etc.

Aman Gupta did not invest because the product lacked style and India is a “JUGADU” country, so they will copy their design and make their own version.

Peyush offered ₹50 lakhs for 2% and the deal was secured.

Concluding remarks

The product does look like it could greatly benefit people using two-wheelers. We would like to know your thoughts about this product and whether would you put your money into this product.

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