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The owners of Vsnapu Business claim in their promotional video that they are offering a one-stop shop for all of your photography needs, where you can book photographers in 40 cities throughout India and 28 other nations. 

These days, photography has changed the course of this sector. Yet, no business has ever been created in this field on such a vast scale, and in today’s episode, we will get the chance to learn from such an example.

The company’s primary goal is to provide artists exposure in both the public and private spheres while providing consumers with a uniform product due to economies of scale.

The motto at VsnapU is “What is seen – sells!!!” Thus, their staff never stops trying to make the ideal Image! They have completed more than 30,000 shots and have been at the forefront of India’s commercial and personal photography scene for the past five years.

A work is booked, assigned to a photographer, edited by the staff, and given to the customer all electronically through their technological platform.

About the Brand

The goal of Vsnapu Business Vision is to authentically present their services anywhere in the world.

Vsnapu Business A technology-enabled platform has been developed to provide options to the consumers’ evolving wants at real prices, categorising a fragmented sector. 

This company, which received startup money from IIM Bangalore, has established chances for freelance work for photographers, videographers, food stylists, and cinematographers. With innovative concepts like holiday photography, they have made the tourist location photoshoot more common.

Services offered

  • Food 
  • Product Photoshoot
  • Interior
  • Brand Video
  • Corporate Shoot
  • Pre-wedding Shoot
  • Maternity 
  • Baby and Kids
  • Vacations 
  • Parties
  • Profile and Headshot 
  • Wedding 

Professional photography services are now very accessible thanks to VsnapU. It doesn’t matter if you want to shoot in several places or at different times. They have many teams at each site and are present in 135 international locations.

Sales and Valuation 

In 2022, he raised at ₹2.1 Cr @ ₹19.1 Cr. 2016 Vsnapu has been started. Over 30,000 shoots have been done by VsnapU.

More than 1000 photographers work with them. They are served in 40 cities and 28 countries. Images processed by 2.5M Vsnapu. They pay 55% commission to the photographer.

Vsnapu earns ₹15 lakhs a month. Service Fee Per Hour remains ₹ 1414. The global photography market size is ₹2 lakh crore. 

Deal or No-deal?

According to sharks, everyone will utilise photography in accordance with their own schedules and tastes as a result of technology. After making a reservation, visitors will no longer wish to snap pictures of the sites. 

Also, this company’s rivals and customers will want to select the photographer based on their local reputation, making it challenging for them to grow. Hence, no deals are made and no sharks make offers.

VsnapU from Shark Tank India Season 2.


Two brothers established their company VSnapU, which offers all types of photographers quicker turnaround and higher-quality images. They have shot around 10,000 events for a tremendous number of clients, and they continue to receive bookings. Despite their pitch, the sharks were unable to make them a deal because of a conflict of interest.

Whether you were aware of it or not, Vsnapu Company has grown significantly as a result of developing a freelance photography marketplace. 

Such platforms for learning new digital skills are nothing new, but the thought of one for photography must have struck many as novel. With such a platform, the company appears to have a special grasp on developing relationships with both time and people. Attempt to learn from them by compiling a checklist and contrasting these platforms for developing freelance skills.

Where to Find

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