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Amrutam Products: The BEST way to a Healthy Life

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Amrutam is a brand which provides an ayurvedic way of lifestyle and wellbeing.

For many individuals to reconnect with their Ayurveda origins, a pandemic was necessary. Despite having a substantial heritage, many of us have been guilty of undervaluing and underappreciating the knowledge that our ancestors compiled and recorded in the old books. Ridhima Arora, the creator of Namhya Foods, has a similar tale to tell.

Shark Tank India Season 2 featured the Ayurvedic Lifestyle Brand “Amrutam,” which provides you with Health Care and Personal Care. Amrutam produces Manufactured in India, Cruelty Free, AYUSH Ministry, and USFDA Approved Items. A network of ardent supporters of Ayurveda and natural living has been brought together by Amrutam. 

Let’s see if they cracked a deal with any Shark or not. 

About the Brand 

As more people turn to natural living and ayurvedic remedies for their wellbeing, Amrutam Ayurvedic Products are gaining popularity and expanding daily. Before creating his own “Amrutam” brand, founder Ashok Gupta worked as an Ayurveda Product Distributor. He has a long history of collaboration with Ayurveda manufacturers. His love of natural living, ayurveda, and health inspired him to start a successful company.

Amrutam offers a wide variety of goods, such as the following: Sharbat and Jam, Amrutal Aloe Vera Gel, Amla Churna, Ashtagandh Body Lotion, Ashwagandha Churna, and much more.

The prices of Amrutam Ayurvedi products are quite reasonable; to view the products with descriptions and prices, go to the Amazon Shop using the link provided below.

The mission of Amrutam Company is to provide clients with high-quality ayurvedic items that come from holistic, all-natural sources.

Ashok showed a great deal of interest in Amrutam Company. Since he was 20 years old, he has been employed in the distribution of ayurvedic items. He gained knowledge from creating this business network in several organisations and experimented with numerous things while working on it. He tried to grow the Ayurveda company with the help of his wife, Chandrakanta Gupta, but they suffered significant financial losses.

Sales and Valuation 

From 2006 to 2016, the founder Ashok tried his best to make Ayurveda products business.

These siblings started this business in 2017 and they are doing 4000 orders per month and ₹2.78 crores in sales.

In 2021, 250 percent sales were increased in Amrutam.Amrutam has more than 1 lakh customers. Along with India, it has its products in more than 40 countries.

Amrutam Average Selling Price is – ₹700.

Amrutam Yearly Sales-

  • FY 2019 – 2020 Sales – ₹70 Lakh
  • FY 2020 – 2021 Sales – ₹2.6 Crore
  • FY 2021 – 2022 Sales -₹3.1 Crore
  • FY 2022 – 2023 Sales till date – ₹1.1 Crore
  • FY 2022 – 2023 Projected Sales – ₹3.5 Crore

95% of sales are in India and 5% of sales are from exports abroad.

Marketing expenses for the month – 35%.

Deal or No-deal?

The sharks all agreed that the category has a lot of obstacles to overcome before it can profit from these numbers, and that the size of the company precludes investments at the moment. As no sharks are interested in this industry,hence, no deal is finalised.


Shark Tank India received a pitch from a family for their product, Amrutam. They clarified that any issues pertaining to health and attractiveness can only be addressed through ayurveda. 

They offered the sharks samples, but Aman didn’t enjoy the flavour of the beverage. Moreover, they claimed that their food was healthful and free of any additional artificial components. Sadly, they were unable to pitch a deal to the sharks. 

So what do you think about this brand?

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