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Birds of Paradyes on Shark Tank India.

Birds of Paradyes: Haircolurs | Shark Tank

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Birds of Paradyes is a line of semi-permanent hair colors for the Indian audience, which has now extended to other countries as well. They recently appeared on Shark Tank India Season 2.

A stage is provided by Shark Tank India for business owners searching for finance and guidance from more seasoned business owners. The first season of the programme was a success, but Ashneer Grover isn’t in the cast this time. (Yes, we all miss him!)

First of its type in India, Yushika Jolly’s semi-permanent hair colour line Paradyes receives hundreds of orders each month from all around the country. Yushika Jolly, a 26-year-old from Ankleshwar, Gujarat, coloured her hair with formulas she bought online throughout college. Thanks to her semi-permanent hair colouring company, Paradyes, which she founded in March 2021, she no longer needs to.

Many young people in India use online markets like Yushika to search for unique yet secure hair colour alternatives, and Paradyes comes in to offer a one-stop shop.

The video of the creators presenting their own original idea is going viral online, driving everyone crazy and piqueing internet users’ interest in learning more about the business. So, the information you need to know about the brand is provided below.

About the Brand

Breaking down boundaries is crucial in a world filled with prejudices. It’s more important than ever for you to express yourself, and we’re here to make that happen for you. It makes a difference whether the shift is drastic or modest. Paradyes is here to persuade you to wear your hair up like a crown and let your inner confidence shine through. 

For those who don’t know, we’ll let you know that the company sells a wide range of goods, including shampoo, conditioner, blonde powder, developer, fine tone, hair butter, temporary colour, highlighting kits, and bleaching kits, among many other things.

Yushika Jolly and Siddharth Raghuvanshi, the founders of Birds of Paradyes, pitch to the sharks on Shark Tank India 2. India’s first semi-permanent hair colour brand is called Birds of Paradyes. Strong Pigments with Herbal Care that Nourishes. Shark Tank India Season 2’s Birds of Paradise Pitch modifies the rules.

Sales of Birds of Paradyes and Valuation

With a staff of 15, an office in Ahmedabad, and roughly 150 orders each day, Paradyes has seen a revenue of Rs 3.5 crore in the most recent fiscal year, she adds, adding that they ship throughout India as well as to the US.

The creators explain that they aim to dispel the myth that hair colouring is uncool in India and ask for 65 lakhs at 1% ownership for a 65 crore value. The package is very well received by all of the Sharks, and Paradyes’ product often sells for 1100 rupees.  They state that they made 51 lakhs in sales last month. With a valuation of Rs. 13 crores, Peyush Bansal makes the initial offer of 65% for 5% ownership

Deal or no-deal?

Vineeta Singh and Anupam Mittal both make a joint offer at the same time for 65 lakhs at 4% equity, valuing their business at 16.25 crores.

Namita withdraws, and Aman Gupta enters the conversation with an offer of 65 lakhs at 3% equity.

While Anupam is discouraged, he invites Vineeta to accompany him. Peyush then offers 65 lakhs at 2% equity with a 32.5 crore value.

Anupam quickly retreats because he believes Paradyes is fomenting an unsavoury scenario for which the Sharks are battling. Even at 65 lakhs for 1% equity, Peyush offers to negotiate, but after seeing Anupam, he backs off. Paradyes accepted the contract that Aman & Vineeta gave them for 65 lakhs for 2% stock and a valuation of 32

Where to find Birds of Paradyes

Address: 312, Sun Orbit, Rajpath Rangoli Rd, PRL Colony, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380059

Website Instagram Facebook Twitter Pinterest


After this engaging business pitch by Paradyes Semi Permanent Hair Color, everyone was intrigued by the sharks’ enthusiasm to invest. You must have had a lot of practice calculating business valuations today with all the bids and counteroffers that were made. 

Please let us know if you plan to use this product in place of Paradyes Semi Permanent Hair Color Pitch. According to a research of the Indian market, it is critical to determine how many consumers are driven to purchase this new product by company investment. Commenting on what you learned from the sharks’ advice and company data from Thursday’s Shark Tank India episode of season 2 investment would make everyone’s interaction on this platform more engaging.

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