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Simpy Salads from Shark Tank India.

Simply Salads: Mom-son Duo on Shark Tank

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Since Shark Tank India returned with its second season a week ago, it has already caused a stir on social media. The concept of the programme is centred on the involvement of prospective Indian company owners who present their business plans to a panel of judges or investors in an effort to convince them to fund their venture.

As soon as a new episode of a television show aired, people immediately flooded social media with their opinions about a particular pitch or a judge’s choice. All five sharks—Peyush Bansal, Anupam Mittal, Vineeta Singh, Namita Thapar, and Aman Gupta—are now generating news for their choices and comments on a certain industry.

The most recent episode of Shark Tank India Season 2 was brimming with sentiment and ethical principles. Viewers had the chance to watch a wide range of business pitches, from turning down a very lucrative company that produced learning applications for kids to awarding the requested contract to a startup that makes salads.

The star of Tuesday’s episode was businessman Soham Payal Pathak, who debuted with his mother Payal Pathak on the business reality series “Shark Tank India 2” and dazzled the judges with his concept and business proposal for a “salad”  company.

About the Brand

Under the moniker “The Simply Salad,” Soham Payal Pathaan and Payal Pathak showcase their selection of wholesome and mouth watering salads. They began their adventure in August 2022 and have already filled 35,000 orders, giving their salad creations an Indian twist while keeping them inexpensive through weekly and monthly subscription choices.

The judges were pleased by Soham Payal Pathak’s conception and business proposal for a “salad” firm when he and his mother Payal Pathak competed on the business reality show “Shark Tank India 2.”

He said on the programme that he chose his mother’s name as his middle name when he was 18 since “she made him whatever he is today and tried everything to make him successful despite being a single mother”.

After operating a PG (Paying Guest) service during the COVID era, Payal Pathak explains how they got the idea for their business strategy. Their monthly memberships cost Rs. 150 per day, while their weekly ones cost Rs. 180 per day. Additionally, their gross margin is 64%.

Sales and Valuation of the Company 

The mother-son team requested from the sharks an investment of Rs 30 lakhs with 10% equity for their business. According to Payal’s son with pride, they have fulfilled more than 35,000 orders so far and generate Rs. 4.42 lakhs in monthly income, with a gross margin of 64%.

Deal or no deal?

In Spite of his usual disdain of salads, Aman surprisingly makes the offer, and Vineeta joins him for a shared chance of Rs. 30 lakhs for 10% stock, matching the initial offer of the firm. Even yet, it is their “grit + gratitude” combo that finally convinces her to change her mind.

Anupam suggests that they grow their firm, take a closer look at the health sector, and keep an eye out for new branding and marketing tactics.

Peyush is also amazed by how well the subscription business model has served them, but she eventually decides against accepting the offer, which brings us back to Aman and Vineeta finalising the offer.

Where to find The Simply Salad

You can order via Whatsapp too! Click here to order now!

Address: The Simply Salad, Shivranjani Flyover, opposite Vodafone Store, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Phone number: 9328723570, 7490053519

You can even order online on Zomato and Swiggy.


So that was it, the Simply Salad review from Shark Tank India Season 2. 

Do try their salads and let us know what you think of them, deal or no deal?

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