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Brevistay fom Shark Tank India Season 2.

Brevistay: Cheap Hourly Hotel Booking

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Brevistay began working with hotels in 5 locations in 2016; today, they are present in more than 70 cities and 3200 hotels. More than 10 lakh ($12k) downloads and more than 8 lakh ($973k) bookings have already been made on the app.

The app offers reservations day or night, even within ten minutes. For three hours, the typical booking fee is Rs. 800 ($9.73). The gross merchandise value of “Brevistay” is Rs. 18 crores (US$ 2.2 million), and the commission is Rs. 3.04 crores (US$ 370 thousand). Brevistay requests $122k/Rs. 1 crore for 1.66%. The market for the firm appears to be dangerous, therefore all of the Sharks decide to back out of the purchase.

The market for hotels that cater to couples has advanced significantly from the days when it was just whispered about. These days, we have players who not only promise to be a safe refuge for unmarried couples to spend quality time in, but also offer appointments for as low as three hours. These businesses want to make the market exceedingly competitive by not only questioning social standards but also broadening their product lines.

Let’s see if they were able to crack a deal with the Sharks or not.

About the Brand

Brevistay’s business goal is to make hotel reservations quick, easy, and welcoming while also satisfying each person’s need for a satisfying, safe, and secure stay.

The co-founder and chief executive officer is Prateek Singh. The co-founder and chief marketing officer is Aditya Naithani. The co-founder and chief financial officer is Shubham Agarwal. CTO Nikhil Kumar Pathak is in charge of technology. Brivistay’s co-founder is Avnish Kumar.

Brevistay Business Book A networked and secure platform for hourly hotel bookings has been developed by Hourly Hotels. You may check into a hotel using their services wherever you are, at any time. 

They offer 24-hour customer service. When opposed to processes that are outsourced, they make it easier to book hotels. You may reserve a hotel room with just an ID card if you set aside the necessary time.

They also provide the possibility for non-married people to book hotels using their own identification. They aim to drive just usable expenditure while creatively managing useable hotel presence to reinvent hotel reservations, providing value for both the customer and the company. They are aware of the rush and bustle of today’s time. offer appropriate answers.

Sales and Valuation 

Brevistay was started in 2016 from Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

More than 3200 hotels are connected with them, after which they have been connected after safe checking. This network has over 10,000 hotel rooms available for booking with them. 

Their app has been downloaded by more than 1 million people. So far more than 8 lakh bookings have been done through them. Average booking price is ₹800 @ 3 hours stay. Their gross merchandise value is ₹18 crore, of which the commission is ₹ 3.04 crore. 

Their take Rate is 17%. In FY 2021 – 2022, there was a Profit Before Tax of ₹ 16 lakh. Last month they did sales of ₹42 Lakh and their last month gross merchandise value is ₹2.4 Crore.

Deal or No-deal?

Sharks claim that because the network air readiness of the online travel agency is greater than these, they will cut into their market as One Stop Solutions and consumers would switch only to their platform. No sharks make offers and no deal is finalised.


Similar to Brevistay Business, there are different business concepts in the market. With the aid of technology, there are several online booking choices available, but nobody has yet been able to precisely classify them while upholding the reliability of prices.

These models need significant investment and technical expertise to create; otherwise, application-based enterprises are forced to collapse. After viewing such a case study, I’m sure you’ll agree that you should exercise caution when making an investment in this company.

Where Can You Find Them?

Website | Instagram | Linkedin

You can also list your Hotel here.

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