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Daily Dump Compost for Shark Tank India Season 2 With a focus on the societal level, Compost Purpose Driven Business delivered the business pitch on the platform. 

Too many entrepreneurs let the success of a well-intended company divert their attention. This company has also increased business with corporates on the campaign in collaboration with organised social areas like apartments, schools, resorts, industries, and places of worship in order to include these items into daily life. 

Bengaluru-based entrepreneur pitched her compost firm to investors and asked for Rs 80 lakh for 4% of the company. She discussed how utilising her goods, kitchen trash might be utilised in farming. After receiving recognition for her efforts, Kasturi stated explicitly, “Mujhe award nahi paise chaiye (I need money not accolades)”.

In this article, we will go into great depth on the company, including sharks’ remarks and investment-related difficulties.

About the Brand

In order to treat trash and human waste in a contemporary urban environment with an awareness of and respect for the environment and nature, Daily Dump Compost shares its ideas and goods. The services and goods under the Daily Dump Compost brand are all produced in favour of a lifestyle that maintains a connection to nature. Composting items from The Daily Dump include microorganisms, kits, and fresh organic goods.

They market goods for organic living and basic composting, such as:

  • Daily Dump Compost microbes
  • Daily Dump Panchagavya
  • Daily Dump Bamboo sieve top
  • Coco Brick
  • Green grow bags for plants
  • Terracotta lids etc.

Sales and Valuation of the Company

Daily Dump Compost was started in 2006. Daily Dump Compost sells over 100 products.

The Daily Dump Compost Khamba sells for ₹3500 and the Daily Dump Compost Terrabite comes up to ₹20,000.  Till now more than 80 thousand families use Daily Dump Composter.

Daily Dump Compost had ₹ 26 lakh sales last month. Daily Dump Compost Sales in FY 2019 – 20 was ₹4.3 Crore. FY 2021 – 22 had ₹ 3.75 crore sales. 

The Daily Dump Compost Terrabite provides 50% of the revenue. 15% of income comes from daily dump compost remix powder. 30% of the profits go to the Daily Dump Compost Community & Home Composter, and 15% come from other sources.

Deal or no-deal?

Namitha’s Offer

₹30 lakh for 5% equity, ₹6 crore for ₹50 lakh @ 10% interest

Business Pitcher Counter

₹30 lakh for 3% equity, ₹10 crore ₹50 lakh @ 10% interest

Namita’s Revised Offer

₹30 lakh for 4% equity, ₹7.5 crore ₹50 lakh @ 10% interest

At the Nieto Commission Award three years ago, Shark Namita and Business Pitcher first met. Shark was quite moved by her on-stage energy as well. Both his mother and he like farming a lot. She wished to work in order to contribute money to her business. Following the saree offer and counteroffer, the business pitchers and sharks reach an agreement on Namita’s new offer.


Daily Dump India’s First Compost Company has won several honours. He first ran across Shark Namita during an award ceremony. While many companies strive to be more environmentally friendly, this doesn’t scale unless a sizable populace changes their behaviours, making it a habit.

The government and several groups support Daily Dump, India’s first composting company. On Shark Tank India or in real life, we have never seen a company with such an aim grow into a significant enterprise.

However, please offer your suggestions if you have any in order to make it a simple part of life and to help the business owner create a business that is user-friendly with low client acquisition costs. Future EV Bikes are operating with a focus on the environment, and several adjustments are being implemented. If you have any ideas or feedback on how our company may contribute to that transformation, do let us know.

Where to Find

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