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Healthy Binge: Aman Saw Extra in Ordinary Entrepreneurs | Shark Tank India

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The snacks industry is a massive ₹50,000K big industry. Many players have entered this market to get a piece of this massive industry. Healthy snacks are not a new concept, so what is it that makes Healthy Binge unique and led Peyush to offer them double the amount that they originally asked for?

Healthy Binge Snacks

Healthy Binge

In the market, where the varieties of snacks offered by various brands are endless, Healthy Binge has selected a niche. They specialize in offering healthy chips made from millets like Jowar, Rajgira, Ragi, Quinoa, etc.

A regular fried chips packet has 230 calories whereas Healthy Binge has 180 calories.

It is baked, has 0% cholesterol, no tans-fat, is Gluten-free, rich in Fiber, and does not contain Maida or Palm oil.

What makes their product tasty is that they have identified the unique taste of the millet and integrated it into their chips. Which makes their chips tasty.

They come in flavors like Indian Masala, Smoky Barbeque, and Classic Cheese. Which more or less are popular flavors amongst Indians.

What makes their business worth investing in is that they have their own factory which is a U.S. FDA-certified facility. When they appeared on Shark Tank they were producing chips at 10% of total capacity. 

Also, at ₹40 their price is fair enough. A person who wants to switch from fried snacks to healthy eating can easily afford it.

Their packaging is also impressive, they have used bright colors and clean designs to attract the attention of the customers. 

One big problem with their business is that they were burning money (when the Shark Tank episode was shot). Their gross profit was 55%, but they were burning money on salaries. 

Healthy Binge Founders

This company is founded by two cousins named Pranav Korke and Karan Korke. Pranav was born in Nagpur and went to Australia for higher education. He studied Master of Finance over there and did his CPA too. He later settled there but was always missing India.

Healthy binge Shark Tank India

So he shifted back a few years back and worked with his Father-In-Law, who is a renowned agriculturist. Here he learned a lot about Millets. That is when he got the idea to make it into a modern snack.

Karan Korke was also brought up in Nagpur and went to Pune for higher studies. He did not want to do a regular office job. So he decided the start this venture with Pranav. 

Healthy Binge Shark Tank India

The founders had asked for ₹50 lakhs for 5% equity.

Healthy Binge

Peyush loved the entrepreneurs so much that, he agreed to give their original ask and also offered to invest additional ₹5 crores in the future if needed. He however wanted Aman to be a partner in this because of his expertise in the D2C business and his knowledge about selling on Amazon will be helpful.

Vineeta is already an investor in the competitor brand so did not invest.

Namita and Anupam also pulled out.

Aman loved their hustling capacity and humble attitude he agreed to join hands with Peyush and the deal was secured. 

Where To Find Them

Instagram | Website 

Concluding Remarks

A lot of competition in the healthy snacks category is a good sign. With so many brands available it becomes easier for people to choose healthy snacks depending on their tastes and preference.

Also, it creates pressure on the existing junk snack manufacturers to step up in their game and provide healthier products to their consumers. 

I would like to conclude with a view that Entrepreneurs like Pranav and Karan teach us that even if you do not have any out-of-the-world product ideas, you can still run a business by mastering a niche, competitive price point, Attractive packaging, and most importantly to Hustle hard and stay humble.

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