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How to Sell on Amazon Without GST?

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Indian e-commerce is rising rapidly these days, largely due to the expanding e-commerce penetration and the accessibility of a wide range of goods.  

Amazon has been a significant player in the Indian e-commerce market, driving competition, offering a wide range of products, and expanding access to online shopping for Indian consumers. Amazon operates as a marketplace in India, allowing third-party sellers to sell their products on its platform. 

Amazon Global Selling’s user-friendly tools and straightforward registration procedure enable exporters to expand their enterprises and sell on Amazon. Due to Amazon’s active global customer base, which opens up export opportunities to more than 200 countries and territories, geographical limits on Indian merchants are no longer a problem. According to the Indian Chamber of Commerce, over 5 crore MSMEs in India produce over 6,000 different products, and they are responsible for roughly half of the country’s exports.

Nearly 20 Crore buyers visit the Amazon.in website every month. Imagine the profit that you could earn here!  But you need GST right? That’s not entirely true. 

In this post, we’ll see how you can sell on Amazon without the need for GST. 

Requirements to Start Selling on Amazon India 

To start selling on Amazon India, you need to fulfil certain requirements and follow a registration process. Here are the key requirements to become a seller on Amazon India:

  1. GST number

registration is mandatory for selling on Amazon India. You must have a valid GST registration number to be eligible as a seller. 

  1. PAN Card

 This is required for identity verification.

  1. Active Bank account 

You need to have an active Indian bank account to receive payments from Amazon India. The bank account details must match the legal entity’s name provided during the registration process.

Apart from this you also need a CREDIT CARD. It’s not mentioned on the website But having a credit card is also mandatory

When you advertise your product on Amazon, it requires you to have a credit card because when your expenses exceed the amount in your bank account, amazon charges your credit card. 

So how exactly do you sell WITHOUT a GST when it’s a clear requirement by Amazon? 

Don’t worry, we have a way.  

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Online Selling without GSTIN

Well, here’s the thing: You cannot sell in the Indian market without GST. 

But, you CAN sell in the US market without a GST, i.e. amazon.com


  • The US is the biggest Amazon seller’s market in the world.
  • Amazon.com has the biggest customer base around the globe and around 20 cr+ buyers visit the website in a month. 
  • Millions of New Clients
  • The United States has a high average income level compared to many other countries. 
  • You will be earning in $$$ and spending in ₹₹₹

How can you sell on amazon.com?

You can sell on Amazon.com without GST as an Individual. Here are a few easy steps for the same: 

  • You have to register directly on sellercentral.amazon.com
  • When you register from sellercentral.amazon.in, you need GST, but if you do it from sellercentral.amazon.com, you do not need GST
  • There are 3 ways by which you can register on Seller’s central USA

  1. Individual

This requires you to have a bank account + credit card + address proof

  1. Indian business 

You can either have a proprietorship, Pvt. ltd. or even a Partnership firm

  1. Register with your US business 

This step requires you to first register yourself as a US business. 

For a guide on the same, please refer to this video:

  • If you register yourself as an individual on the Amazon seller’s website, you do not need GST. 

Before you register yourself on any e-commerce platform, like Amazon, you need to find a really profitable product to sell. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting your profitable product. 


So there it was: The holy grail of selling on Amazon without a GST. 

Registering as an individual seller on sellercentral.amazon.com allows you to tap into the US marketplace and its vast customer base, providing you with lucrative selling opportunities. While this alternative method bypasses the GST requirement, it’s essential to stay informed about any changes in regulations and consult with professionals to ensure compliance with tax laws. Now, you can embark on your Amazon selling journey without the hurdles of GST.

This blog was just an overview of how you can sell on Amazon without GST. If you want the entire process of selling on Amazon, you might like this video:

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