Puran Poli Ghar | An Inspiring Story From Cleaning Tables To Earning 3 crore Annual Profit

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Bhaskar KR’s (one of the founders of Bhaskar’s Puran Poli Ghar) journey from cleaning dishes and tables in a restaurant to running a business that makes a yearly profit of ₹3.6 crores is phenomenal and inspiring.

Such stories, again and again, prove to us that hard work and dedication have the power to trump, the lack of a degree or education.

Although they failed to raise any money from the sharks, Mr. Bhaskar’s story did impress all the sharks.

Let us dig deep into their story, Puranpoli Ghar.

Bhaskar’s Puran Poli Ghar

Puran Poli Ghar is a live and quick-service restaurant that sells hot Puranpoli for 365 days. They have 24 varieties of Puranpoli.

All their ingredients are natural and organic and do not contain any Chemicals, Colors, Preservatives, or essence. 

Their taste will give you a homemade feel. They also supply for events, festivals, and celebrations. 

They offer 400 different varieties of snacks in their restaurant. Their vision is to open more than 100 outlets all over India.

The recipe they use is from Mr. Bhaskar KR. Currently have 4 outlets all over Maharashtra, out of which 3 are franchise.

They are also available in Swiggy and Zomato.

Every day they sell around 1000 Puran Poli. Their dough is made up of Rawa (semolina) which makes it crispy on the outside & the stuffing makes it soft and sweet on the inside. Their Puranpolis is thin and does not crumble when you eat. 

The outlets of Puran Poli Ghar in Maharashtra:

Puranpoli Ghar Thane

Puranpoli Ghar Kandivali West (Mahavir Nagar)

Puranpoli Ghar Pune

Puranpoli Ghar Kalyan

Bhaskars Puranpoli Ghar Menu

Puran Poli Ghar menu

Puran Poli Ghar Founders

Vitthal Shetty, Saurabh Choudhary, and Bhaskar KR are the founders of Puranpoli Ghar. 

  • As mentioned Bhasker provided the recipe for Puranpoli.
  • Vitthal Shetty looks after marketing.
  • Saurabh Choudhary looks after operations.

*All three partners have a 33.33% stake in the company.

The inspiring story of Bhaskar KR

Bhaskar started his career by cleaning dishes and tables at restaurants. He did this for 4 to 5 years. Then he started teaching dance. Followed by small businesses like pan shop. But that was not what he wanted to do in his life.

Later on, he started to make pakora and Bonda and sold them to other shops. This also did not appeal much to him.

Finally, at the age of 23, he found his true passion and started to make Puran Poli. 

He would sell them in a shack on the footpaths and also made packets and supplied them to shops.

Later he got the opportunity to work on a cooking show, where he earned some fame. Over there his mentor gave him the advice to improve the quality of his Puranpoli, do branding and maintain hygiene.

He took his advice and mixed it up with his hard work and persistence and he got a good response. This motivated him to open 7 outlets and 10 franchise outlets in Karnataka under the brand name Bhaskar’s Mane Hoilge. In 2020-2021 he made a whooping ₹18 crore in sales of which ₹3.5 crore was his profit.

After his massive success in Karnataka, he partnered with Vitthal and Saurabh to open 4 outlets in Maharashtra.

Social media Accounts 

Instagram | Facebook | Website

Funding asked from the sharks

₹75 lahks for 1% equity

Sales of the Puran Poli Ghar

They made ₹16 crores in sales in the year 2021. 

On average, they make ₹18 lakhs per month from their outlet in Thane. In addition to this they get 5% from the 3 franchises and ₹10 lacks by selling franchise rights.

Their profit is 20%, so their total profit per month is 3,6 lakh. 

They had spent 45 for the Thane outlet, the cost of which they covered in 1 year. 

For next year they plan to open 3 more outlets.

Sharks offer

Puran Poli Ghar failed to raise money from sharks. Here is the reason why:

Peyush Bhansal backed out because as per his calculations, rather than investing in his company he would rather buy his franchise, which would be more profitable. Also, he advised them to take a loan instead of finding investors.

Aman Gupta did want to invest because the founders had multiple other businesses and according to him, they won’t be able to give their 100% in this business.

Namita Thapar backed out because according to her, the preference of the type of Puran Poli differs from region to region. The kind of Puranpoli liked by people in west Maharashtra differs from the taste of Puranpoli liked in east Maharashtra. She explained that it would be difficult to scale up a product that is sweet.

Anupam Mittal thought that the founders have come for the sake of marketing and were not able to gauge what help they wanted from the investors. So he was out.

Vineeta Singh backed out because she thought that they have enough capital to expand and fundamentally don’t need any investment, Also, the fact that the founders had multiple businesses was a cause of concern for her.

Bottom line

A few things to learn from Mr. Bhaskar and his Story. With his AMBITION of not settling down with anything mediocre, he kept on trying multiple things until he found his true passion of selling Puran Poli.

His HARD WORK and PRACTICE to perfect the recipe of Puran Poli. His willingness to LEARN about how to run a business successfully and his PASSION for making his brand popular by reaching out to other states. 

We would love to know your thoughts on this inspiring story.

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