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Stage Haryanvi Shark Tank India Season 2

Stage Haryanvi: The Ultimate OTT Platform

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Stage Haryanvi came to Shark Tank and impressed the Sharks!

The latest season of Shark Tank India has returned to Sony Entertainment Television and Sony LIV. Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 10 with the title “Zillionaire Banne Ki Chah” debuted on January 13, 2023 between 10 and 11 PM IST. The show’s creative director is Payel Seth, and it is made by Studio NEXT with writing by Ravikesh Vatsa. 

The business launched their Haryanavi content in 2019 and already has over 225,000 users. According to projections from the firm, STAGE is expanding by approximately 25,000 users per month, or 30% M-o-M.

About the Brand

Vinay Singhal is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stage Haryanvi, while Shashank Vaishnav is the Co Founder and Chief Technology Officer and Parveen Singhal is the Co Founder and Chief Customer Officer.

This is the first ott platform in India with several dialects. Films and web series in several languages are available here. In India, there are around 19000 different dialects. The founders started producing content in the Haryanvi language, and soon a local film industry developed. One of STAGE’s greatest successes was finding employment for more than 1000 local Haryanvi artists. Additionally, they produced more than 300 hours of original Haryanvi and Rajasthani programming alongside these Haryanvi performers. In Haryana, they now have more than 1.3 lakh paying customers.

The annual subscription price is Rs. 400, and three months prior to this, work on creating Rajasthani material and identifying 30 dialects to debut in the following years began. The business began operations on November 1st, 2019. The STAGE was dubbed the Netflix of accents. Local artists, local audiences, and 100% unique material are offered via the platform. The web series consists of 6 to 8 episodes, each lasting 25 to 30 minutes. Each film or web series has a production budget of 20 lacs.

Where to Find Stage Haryanvi

Instagram Facebook Google Play

Sales and Valuation of the Company

At a 300 crore value, the pitchers asked for 3 crores for 1% of the company’s ownership.

Their subscription-based business strategy. They now have 100000 30000 paying subscribers, and week 4 retention was 94%. 4.5 hours are spent watching each month on average. Prior to 2020, they raised 10 crores with 65 crores in pre-money. They raised 20 crores in 2021 with an 80 crore pre-money, and a further 36 crores with a 250 crore pre-money in 2022. The sales were 3.85 crores in FY 21 and FY 22, and the current monthly sales are 25 lacs. It has a CAC of 270. 10% or so of visitors arrive naturally.

They spend 1.1 crores every month, of which 60 lakhs are spent on content, 20 lakhs on the crew, and the remaining 10 lakhs on other tasks.

Deal or No-deal?

Due to the increased valuation, Vineeta and Anupam pulled out of the transaction.

At a valuation of 250 crores, Aman, Namita, and Piyush make an offer of 1.5 crores for 0.6% equity and 1.5 crores in debt at 18% interest.

The final agreement was reached with Aman Namita and Piyush, involving 1.5 crores of loan at an interest rate of 18% and 1.5 crores of equity at a valuation of 250 crores.


Shark Tank India has taught us something new each time. Haryanvi Stage Ups and Downs Business Pitch Inspirational as well as ready to conduct company with hazards involved with business. The new content platform Haryanvi Stage OTT Application has entered the realm of digital commerce for the art of India with the launch of Atma Nirbhar Bharat.

Did you have any prior knowledge of Haryanvi Stage? Discuss with business reason how successful a vision it will have as a company investment after viewing its substance and applications. By serving as a resource for learning for the startup Android application being developed in India, the Haryanvi Stage from Shark Tank India Season 2 will serve as an illustration of preparation from every angle.

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