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Barosi from Shark Tank India.

Barosi: 100% Natural Bhartiya Products

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With the unveiling of “Barosi,” Durlabh Kumar’s line of 100 percent natural food items, including milk, ghee, oil, pickles, filter coffee, etc., concludes the day’s pitching sessions. The creator aims to get a capital of Rs. 50 lakhs against 2% equity, with the Sharks’ assistance, in order to further his ambition of becoming a recognisable brand that is accepted in kitchens all throughout the country.

With the unveiling of “Barosi,” Durlabh Kumar’s line of 100 percent natural food items, including milk, ghee, oil, pickles, filter coffee, etc., concludes the day’s pitching sessions. The creator is aiming to get a capital of Rs. 50 lakhs against 2% equity as he refines his ambition to become a well-known brand that is welcomed in kitchens all throughout the country.

So let’s see if they crack a deal or not.

About the Brand

Durlabh Kumar Rawat is the founder of the Barosi Company. The creator of Barosi, Rare, comes from the Uttar Pradesh hamlet of Dayanandpur.

The owner of Barosi describes the tranquillity of life in his town as being characterised by the absence of big structures and the presence of just vegetation around. The joy of reading a book while seated beneath a neem tree is distinct from the village’s air conditioner.

Barosi is a real fruit brand, and all of its products are all-natural. Their products have zero percent adulteration. The founder of the firm explains that the lack of power and refrigerators in the community is the inspiration for it. Barosi was therefore employed to prevent milk from becoming bad.

Other plastic items, natural food products, such as ghee, honey, cold-pressed oil, pickles, jaggery, white butter, filter coffee, laddoos, and others are produced by the Barosi Company. Their milk costs Rs. 88 for each litre.

Their products are created in a way that is economically sustainable and move straight from the farm to the consumer. These goods are available for purchase on Barosi’s official website.

Sales and Valuation 

Barosi Company has done a revenue of 1.28 crores in 2018, 1.23 crores in 2019, 4.06 crores in 2020, 4.70 crores in 2021. Their sale was done under B2C. Their last month’s sale was Rs 42 lakh.

The net worth of Barosi Company is Rs 25 crores. This was stated by the founder of the company while seeking funding. That means we can also call it valuation.

The founder of Barosi Company came to the sharks of Shark Tank for guidance to spread his business to the world. He demanded Rs 50 lakh in exchange for the investor’s 2% equity.

Deal or No-deal?

Barosi is the company’s market clerk, according to Emcure Pharmaceutical’s founder Namita Thapar. To create a brand, you need differentiation, which this firm did not have. Namita Thapar was unable to assist with this, hence she is released from this agreement.

Vinita Singh, the creator of Sugar Cosmetics, admired Durlabh’s storytelling abilities as well as the company’s founder’s elevator pitch. Vineeta also exits this arrangement as a result of the intense rivalry he felt in this industry.

Anupam Mittal, the company’s founder, claims that none of its products are capable of propelling People Group’s expansion to the next level. They are released from this agreement as a result.

Aman Gupta, the creator of the boat firm, also benefits from this arrangement. Numerous industrial businesses are selling the same items since their industry is very competitive.

The four Shark Tank sharks are all ousted because the show’s judges deem their company to be too competitive. Due to this, Barosi does not receive show funding. They must go from Shark Tank without taking anything home.


The shark in the Barosi Business linking Bharat to India promotional film is commended for attempting to convey every aspect of the picture in such detail. By fusing the points of India and India, he created the logo.

You must be recalling Humpy A2 business from Season 1 after seeing this pitch of Barosi Business.  Try to create a case study of both of these companies and consider the difficulties of SWOT analysis. You will be able to work on it and learn a lot about the business and industry from an entrepreneur’s perspective with the aid of this.

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