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Swadeshi Blessings: An All Natural Way of Cooking

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In order to preserve food nutrients, Swadeshi Blessings Business has introduced a whole line of terracotta/earthen cookware. They give them production-level jobs by creating an artisanal community. Compared to current cooking, Vedic cooking was more concerned with preserving the nutritional value of the meal. 

Swadeshi Blessings is reconnecting us to our origins and generating even more rural job prospects. The handcrafted cookware and home décor company has delivered successfully throughout India and exports to 25 nations. The founders Dattatreya Vyas, Sunita Vyas, and Madhavi Paliwal need Rs. 50 lakhs for 5% ownership in order to advance their objective to a worldwide level and promote the growth of rural art.

Swadeshi Blessings is producing goods to support the traditional kitchen by offering items of the same calibre in the market. We’ll try to study from the viewpoint of business while also adding on our understanding of sharks. Let’s see if they got a deal or not.

About the Brand

With every item you buy, Swadeshi Blessings hopes to build a worldwide marketplace that will improve the lives of thousands of regional craftsmen and artisans while also fostering the growth and promotion of our nation’s rich heritage. According to business study by Swadeshi Blessings Business, Lord Jagannath’s kitchen, where all of the cooking equipment are made of clay and are used just once while cooking, is the biggest kitchen in the world. About 300 full-time potters provide the utensils used in the cooking of food for the Lord of the Universe at the Jagannath Temple.

Only red pottery is used here, and once it has been set on fire, it cannot be used again. The new kitchenware is known as kudua. Their thick walls effectively retain heat. The prasad remains warm for four to five hours after cooking and serving.

The use of Swadeshi Blessings Business Clay Utensils has several health advantages. Because clay is slightly porous, unlike metal and enamel pots, it allows heat and moisture to pass through the pot, according to their business page.

Since clay is naturally alkaline, it interacts with the acids in food to keep the pH level balanced. Young people also suffer as a result of eating too much fast food and adopting Swadeshi Blessings’ lifestyle adjustments. Product can lessen frequent stomach issues.

Many important elements, including calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and sulphur, are added to meals in clay pots. All vitamins, including vitamin B12, are present in clay.

A minor start toward an eco-friendly festive campaign is the Swadeshi Blessings Business Clay Idols by Tulsi Ganesh Creation and Dugra Maa Idol. 90% of Indian festivities are not eco-friendly, generating a lot of harmful trash each year. It occurs. their area of expertise;

These idols are completely eco-friendly.

In this, just watercolours are utilised.

Products offered

  • (Vintage Almirah)
  • Clay/Earthen CookWares
  • Ganesha Idols
  • Clay TableWares
  • Vermicompost
  • Clay Tea Lights
  • Home Decor

Sales and Valuation 

Over 20,000+ happy customers from all over the world have used Swadeshi Blessings Products. The eco-friendly Durga Maa is made available in 9 inch sizes and Tulsi Ganesh is made available in 5 inch, 8 inch and 11 inch sizes. They export their products to 25 countries. Monthly Breakage is 3 percent.

Swadeshi Blessings Business Sales:

  • FY 20 – 21 – ₹30 lakh
  • FY 21 – 22 – ₹1.8 crore
  • FY 22 – 23 (till date) – ₹1.2 Cr (Projection ₹3.6 Cr)

The sales for the previous month were ₹ 28 lakhs and the profit was 15%. If you see the sales split, 65% is from exports and 35% is from India. 

Unit Economics

  • COGS – 40%
  • Shipping – 18%
  • Packaging – 5%
  • Channel Margin – 12%
  • Marketing – 10%
  • EBITDA – 15

Deal or no-deal

Shark Namita & Shark Vineeta’s Offer: ₹25 Lakh for 5% Equity & ₹25 Lakh Debt @ 12 Interest , Valuation – ₹5 Crore

Business Pitcher Counter Offer: ₹25 Lakh for 4% Equity & ₹25 Lakh Debt @ 12 Interest , Valuation – ₹6.25 Crore

Sharks don’t agree and Business Pitcher finalizes the deal with Shark’s offer of ₹25 Lakh for 5% Equity & ₹25 Lakh Debt @ 12 Interest, Valuation – ₹5 Crore.


A Made in India method that has demonstrated how to expertly advance traditional knowledge while showcasing India’s pride on a worldwide scale is Swadeshi Blessings. Tell us how many of you plan to invest in this company for commercial purposes.

With the help of the Swadeshi Blessing, we must transform our current behaviours in addition to adopting a new way of life. From the perspective of the client, assess if the company will be able to grow by utilising this product’s reverse mechanism.

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