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Sky is NOT the Limit: Inside FPV Drones

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Remember the time when having a remote controlled toys was the coolest thing as a child? Well, it’s now Drones. Yep, you heard me right.

The sky’s the limit for Arth Chowdhary, Oshi Kumari, and Deyvant Dhardwaj, as their cutting-edge drone business Inside FPV demonstrated.

On Shark Tank India Season 2, three college students who represented their firm Inside FPV left the “sharks” impressed. The engineers from VIT Vellore presented the country’s first consumer drone business and asked for Rs 75 lakh for 4% of the firm.

Even kids can fly this drone, according to the promotional video for Inside FPV First Consumer, the top drone company. Everyone would be interested to watch how this company responds to the Shark Tank India Season 2 Youngpreneur Startup programme. Tech aficionados will be able to watch Piyush Bansal’s advice and investment discussions on new businesses from all angles in this post.

About the Brand

Inside FPV would want to focus on launching new items to give customers with drones that are inexpensive and of high quality.

It was founded by Oshi Kumari, Deyvant Bhardwaj, and Arth Chowdhary. Oshi Kumari is the first female FP pilot from India.

DPIIT and DST Nidhi Prayas have acknowledged this Business. Currently, VIT-TBI is the incubator for Inside FPV Business. It was also a Top 500 Startups nominee in India. DLabs at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, is the sponsor of Inside FPV Business.

The usage of the drone is categorised into FPV Business Categories;

  • Inside FPV Consumer Drone
  • Inside FPV Agriculture Drone
  • Inside FPV Defence Drone

Additionally, Frames, Motors, Batteries, Chargers, Tools, Propellers, Controllers, Receivers, Electronics, and other FPV Equipment are available for purchase at Inside FPV Drone.

Inside FPV from Shark Tank India Season 2.

Where to Find

Website WhatsApp LinkedIn Instagram Youtube

Buy your own drone from Inside FPV here!

Sales and valuation 

Inside FPV business was started in 2020. Their Drone starts from ₹2800 on their website. Last year their Sales were ₹13 Lakh and last year was ₹85 Lakh.

So far this year ₹44 lakh sales have been done and the projected sales is 4 crores.

Inside FPV Business Sales Split:

Plug & Fly FPV Drones – 400 million%

Spare Parts – 60 crores

The selling price of ₹ 2700 involves a cost of ₹ 1711 and a gross profit of ₹ 989.

Raised at a valuation of ₹25 lakh @ ₹12.5 crore.

Business equity has been discussed correctly in all three.

Inside FPV has also received a grant, which they have used to expand their business.

Deal or no deal?

Shark Peyush & Shark Aman’s Offer: ₹50 Lakh for 20%, valuation ₹2.5 Crore , ₹25 Lakh @ No Interest

Shark Namita & Shark Amit’s Revised Offer: ₹75 lakh for 15%, valuation ₹5 crore

Business Pitcher Counter Offer: ₹75 lakh for 5%, valuation ₹15 crore

Shark Namita & Shark Amit’s Revised Offer: ₹75 lakh for 12%, valuation ₹6.25 crore

Shark Peyush & Shark Aman’s Revised Offer: ₹75 lakh for 12%, valuation ₹6.25 crore

All Four Shark Namita, Shark Amit, Shark Peyush & Shark Aman’s Revised Offer: ₹75 lakh for 15%, valuation ₹5 crore.

The final deal was closed with Piyush Amit Namita and Aman for ₹75 lakhs for 15% equity of the company at the valuation of ₹15 crores.


Operating and managing its operations in accordance with the principles of first-person perspective and unmanned aerial vehicle are included in the scope of inside FPV business (UAV). Nevertheless, each nation has its own aviation regulations. According to the Drone Regulation of India, which is administered by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, India’s National Aviation Authority, flying a drone is an activity that is allowed by law in that country.

What would you think about investing in this young person’s proposal from Inside FPV Business? While drone technology has facilitated a lot of labour in the modern day, only professionals were aware of its potential applications prior to the publication of this programme. 

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