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Dorje Teas from Darjeeling

Dorje Teas : Darjeeling’s Pride | Shark Tank

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Shark Tank India now has a sizable fan base in India. This programme is an Indian adaptation of the popular American Realty programme Shark Tank. Prominent investors and businesspeople evaluate the philosophies and viewpoints of aspiring startup founders to predict their success and make additional investments.

On this show, the candidates who took part not only benefited monetarily and felt empowered, but they also had a chance to network with other accomplished individuals in the industry. For a variety of reasons, the programme is incredibly popular across the nation, and it’s no secret why the judges have become so well-known.

Shark Tank India’s first episode featured one of the proprietors of the upscale tea company Dorje Teas wowing the sharks with his persuasive narrative and deft oratory. Even Peyush Bansal commended him, saying that an effective orator is one of the essential traits a CEO should possess while running a firm. Peyush inadvertently gave the proprietor of Dorje Teas a really wide piece of advice while feigning flattery.


Ishan Kanoria and Sparsh Agarwal founded Dorje Teas. Ishan is from Calcutta, whereas Sparsh is from Darjeeling. They both grew up in Calcutta as childhood pals.

Sparsh Agarwal and Ishaan Kanoria were only two more start-up founders that nurtured the aim of elevating Darjeeling tea’s reputation till 2022. However, the current season of Shark Tank India, supported by “sharks” Vineeta Singh, Anupam Mittal, and Peyush Bansal, has elevated them to the status of two of the leading figures in India’s expanding entrepreneurship scene.

They are both deeply connected to Selim Hill Tea Garden. They focused their attention on coming up with a solution after considering how the lockout would affect the Darjeeling tea business. And here we are, a year later, in the middle of the lockdown.


The founders come from Darjeeling with tales of Dorje teas. The colour, flavour, and aroma of the tea also alter as a result of climatic change. Five generations of Ishan’s family have worked in the tea industry. Subscription services that transport tea from farm to table are available for Dodge teas. Selim Hill Tea Garden harvests, packages, and ships this certified tea product. This tea is known as the first flush or spring harvest since the tea bushes blossom in the spring.

The period when a bug causes oxidation in the tea leaves and results in a Kasturi scent from tea leaves is known as the second flash or summertime yield. The least favoured one is the third flash or monsoon harvest. The tea imparts a smokey taste.

Upon a website membership transaction, Dorje Teas sells teas directly to the consumer. Their tea garden is in Assam. Dorje Tea is a premium, all-natural, organic tea. The price of Dorje Tea varies between 200 and 1000 Indian rupees. The cost of a Dorje Tea subscription is 2100 Rupees per year.


Website: https://dorjeteas.com/

Instagram Facebook Twitter Youtube

Email id: team@dorjeteas.com 

Dorje Teas gives a discount of 15%  on One Time Purchase with a minimum cart value of Rs. 999.


The owners assert that they would generate INR 10 crore in revenue over the next five years. They brought about 11 lakh rupees in earnings in August 2022. Their net margin is zero, while their gross margin is 75%.

For the evaluation of 6 employees, they may now want 30 lacs in exchange for 5% of the company’s stock.

Additional details about the business- The tea business in India has a market worth 1.2 lakh crores. The Darjeeling tea market has 1500 crores of this. Their annual subscription price is 2100 rupees, and in the next five years, they hope to boost it to 3 lakhs.


Vinita made a 30 lac offer in return for 10% stock valued at 3 crores. A later offer of 30 lacs in return for 15% stock at a valuation of 2 crore was made by Peyush, Vinita and Anupam. With Peyush, Vinita, and Anupam, the entrepreneurs finalised a deal for 30 lacs in return for 15% equity. 


You may buy Dorje Tea from both their official website link and the Amazon Store. Purchase it online in packs of 100 or 250 grams, and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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