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Arun Aggarwal, the creator of Janitri and a competitor on “Shark Tank India 2,” won over the judges with his patented invention—a tool for remote fetal-maternal monitoring. The pitcher left Sharks battling it out to be a part of the advancement in medical science after asking for Rs 1 crore in exchange for 2.5% stake.

In this business pitch, there are a lot of sharks making their proposals. With the use of software and artificial intelligence, this company has developed tools for secure prenatal care. 

‘Janitri’ has been funded by BIRAC and GATES foundation, Govt of Canada and Govt of Karnataka. Grants and equity made about 50% of the total amount raised.

Their purpose and activities are best described as innovating towards saving lives at birth. They produce gear with wearable and AI capabilities. This company has won several accolades and collaborated closely with numerous healthcare groups.

So let’s see if Janitri got a deal or not. 

About the Brand

Janitri, a patented system for remote fetal-maternal monitoring, was founded by Arun Agarwal. Janitri creates software and hardware with AI capabilities to keep an eye on the mother’s and the unborn child’s health. This will make pregnancy easier for expectant moms and lower the mortality rates for babies, mothers, and postpartum people.

The wearable, medical-grade foetal and maternal monitoring gadget with auto-generated interpretation, no radiation, and automated alarms is the items’ USP.

The gadget continually sends data to the doctor’s mobile app while monitoring the mother’s and unborn child’s vital signs. By assisting the physicians in making the best choice at the appropriate moment, the data also helps to lessen problems.

Where to Find Janitri

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Sales and Valuation 

Three products are available from Janitri: Navam, a wearable used to track foetal movements, Daksh, a software, and Keyar Patch, a wearable that tracks foetal and mothers’ heartbeats as well as labour contractions. 

The watch, Navam, has not yet been released and is currently in the prototype stage. The market price of the patch is Rs. 29,000, while the cost of the software’s yearly membership is Rs. 10,000.

In 2016, Janitri Business  came into operation. With the aid of research and development and a focus on in-depth examination of mother and child health, Janitri has been developing maternal monitoring tools and software for the past four years.

30 infants per 1000 are stillborn or die soon after birth. In India, 113 mothers still pass away after giving birth, giving birth, or after giving birth for every 1 lakh live births. By examining them, 80% of fatalities might potentially be prevented.

Over 200 hospitals make use of sanitary goods. More than 50 thousand women have utilised this product so far, saving more than 2000 lives in the process.

Four of the twelve patents that Janitri has submitted have been granted. In the fiscal year 2021–2022, Janitri generated revenues of around 1.03 crore. They made 15 lakh rupees in sales last month, and their monthly burn is 15 lakh rupees.

Price of Janitri Business Products: Janitri Keyar is 29000 and Janitri Daksh is 10,000 annually.

Deal or no-deal?

Agarwal requested Rs 1 crore for 2.5 percent ownership in his Shark Tank Season 2 presentation. Sharks fought over who would be a part of the cutting-edge medical technology after the pitch. 

Namita’s Offer: ₹75 Lakh for 5% Equity, 25 Lakh Debt (Last Round Valuation i.e. 2.5 years old). 

The fact that Namita is offering and that she has connections with care homes makes her offer appealing. 

Namita’s Revised Offer: ₹60 lakh for 2% equity, valuation ₹30 crore

Peyush’s Offer: ₹1 crore for 5% equity

Peyush & Amit’s Revised Offer: ₹1 crore for 5% equity but with the following conditions:

  • Next year if ₹20cr sales, ₹1cr for 2.5% equity, ₹40cr valuation.
  • If ₹20 cr doesn’t make sales, ₹1 cr for 5% equity, ₹20 cr valuation.

Namita’s Revised 2nd Offer: Along with the old offer, Shark Namita also presents new conditional offers from Shark Piyush and Shark Amit.

Agarwal finally accepted the second offer by Namita, he later said, “It’s a great moment for us as this social cause needs a huge amount of attention and awareness, apart from just funding.


The growth of women and children in India is hampered by a lack of access to primary healthcare facilities and other problems. Jainitri aims to solve this problem. What a revolutionary product! 

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