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Sahayatha Shark Tank India

Sahayatha Wheel Chair | Shark Tank Witnesses A Phenomenal Entrepreneur

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Some entrepreneurs just have all the right qualities, which is a dream for any investor. One such entrepreneur is Sruthi Babu the founder of Sahayatha. 

With her highly sought-after entrepreneurial qualities, the judges did not even ask her about her sales or unit economics and gave her the dream deal i.e., the money that she had originally asked for.

Let us explore these exceptional qualities and the pitch.

Sahayatha Wheel Chair

Sahayatha Wheel Chair

Sahayatha has launched the world’s first Wheel Chair having defecation cleansing assistance. 

Their wheelchair is very useful for people with physical immobility. Today there are 3 crore mobility-impaired people in India. 1 crore of those needs helps using the washroom. From these around 4% die during the process of going back and forth to the washroom. 

It is especially useful for people suffering from Paralysis and Parkinsons’, it makes their defecation process easier, healthier, hygienic, and dignity. 

It reduces the number of caretakers from 3 to 1 on top of that it significantly reduces the burden on the caretakers. It also reduces the number of falls and transfers by up to 90%. 

Their mission is to improve the quality of physically impaired patients. 

Features of Sahayatha Wheelchair

  1. Recline

Sahayatha wheelchair assists with multiple recline adjustments, which allows reclining at multiple angles, ensuring that one can always find a comfortable position.

  1. Commode

The seat of the wheelchair has a lid that can be removed from the front as well as the back. After removing the chair will get converted into a commode.

  1. Defecation Cleansing

Sahayatha with an inbuilt defecation cleansing assistance helps to wash after defecation and urination independently maintaining hygiene and dignity.

  1. Water and Battery

A refillable water storage system is provided in the wheelchair with a capacity of 3 liters. It can wash up to 8 times in single refilling of water. The level of water and battery is indicated.

With 7 hours of charging it can be used for 1 month.

They are planning to launch it globally as well and that is why they have filed the patent for it in India, UCP patents (it covers 140 countries)

They have two variants

  1. 100 Wheel Chair

 It costs ₹39,999, it has a reclining feature.

  1. 200 Wheel Chair

It costs ₹29,999 and is useful for people with little mobility.

Their target customers are low to middle-class income groups. Right now their price is high for their target customers, but they have tied up with Bajaj Finserv and are working towards bringing it down to the price of a normal wheelchair. 

They have started selling it to hospitals and when the patient gets discharged, they buy the chair from them. 

Sahayatha Founder

Sahayatha Founder

Shruthi Babu the founder of Sahayatha is a biomedical Engineer. Together with her father who is a Mechanical Engineer, she worked tirelessly to develop this wheelchair. 

Let us check out some outstanding entrepreneurial qualities of Sruthi Babu

  1. Attention To Detail

It took them 5 years and 118 prototypes to develop this wheelchair.

  1. Love her work

Together they both loved working on it so much that they would lose track of the time.

  1. Transformed pain into strength

Unfortunately while working on it, she lost her father, which shattered her. She transformed that pain into strength and began working on it 3 days after her father’s death and launched it after 3 months. 

Her family’s entire responsibility was on her so she was pursuing her job as well as working on it simultaneously. 

For R&D she got grants of ₹55 lakhs, and she also put her personal savings of ₹1crore 16 lakhs.

Sahayatha Shark Tank India

The original ask of the founder was ₹1 crore for 10 lakhs. 

Amit Jain faced similar problems when his grandmother was bedridden for 10 years. He personally had helped her use the washroom. He loved the attention to detail of the wheelchair and praised the persistence, fidgeting spirit, and strength of the founder. Without asking anything about the sales or negotiating the original ask, he offered her ₹1 crore for 10% equity.

Anupam Mittal pointed out that her pain of losing her father comes out as a spark, guts, and hunger. He along with Namita Thapar and Peyush Bansal joined Amit jain in his offer.

Aman Gupta liked her hustling hard and staying humble attitude and he too joined Amit Jain’s offer and the deal was secured.

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It is said that there is no bigger service than service to humanity. Such entrepreneurs show us what a true service to humanity is. Hats Off to such entrepreneurs from the entire team of Delta 4 Commerce.

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