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Subhag HealthTech Shark Tank India

Subhag HealthTech | Saves Couple From The Trauma Of Infertility | Shark Tank India

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Subhag HealthTech has addressed a significant cause that must be discussed more widely. In India infertility is considered a social stigma, especially in smaller towns and cities. 

Infertility is a problem that is faced by 1 in every seven couples in India, but only 1% of affected couple reaches out to hospitals. The major reason is privacy, affordability, and accessibility. 

This stigma is so deep that couples withdraw themselves from society and become recluses. To solve this problem Shubhag has developed an IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) kit. It is basically the frontline procedure of infertility that couples can do at home. 

Shark Namita Thapar can closely relate to this cause because she too went through two infertility treatments, she described her experience as traumatic physically and mentally. She considered it a taboo and it took her 10 years to talk about it. She later discussed it on her youtube channel and in her book too.

Shubhag IUI Treatment

Subhag HealthTech

Subhag has developed an IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) kit that can be used by women at home to protect their privacy and in the comfort of their homes. 

This process takes place in 3 steps

  1. Track Ovulation– It consists of the ovulation stip to track the ovulation, with the help of this the insemination date can be determined. For this, the patient will need to visit a gynecologist.
  2. Sperm Preparation– For this, they have invented Androwash which they sell to gynecologists. It is similar to a washing machine in this the live sperm is separated from the semen and dead sperm. 
  3. V Conceive– It consists of a soft cup to perform the insemination. It has the following features.
  • Easy Insertion- The cup of V-Conceive clutches the wall of the vagina on insertion and opens up at the top of the vagina near the cervix, filling the necessary space.
  • Simple Yet Effective– The cup of V-Conceive clutches the wall of the vagina on insertion and opens up at the top of the vagina near the cervix, filling the necessary space.
  • Smooth Removal– The stem may extend beyond the length of the vagina or it may sit just inside making it easy to reach for smooth removal.

Both Androwash and V Conceive are patent granted. The price of their kit is ₹8K, they have kept the price of their kit high because they want to introduce this as a premium product for educated people. The reason is that this way they can ensure its proper use. 

Vision: To introduce a line of devices through which the 1st line treatment can be done at home. 

When their customer will use it for a few years it will come into the category of OTC (Over the counter). Right now they are in the recommendation phase by the doctors. As more and more people will use it, it will become OTC (Over Counter) product. 

They claim that their product has 16% efficacy i.e., There are 16% chances of conceiving in the first attempt of using this. 

Subhag Health TechFounders

Subhag HealthTech

Sohan Sahu, Vikram Rajput, and Chandan Prasad are the founders of Shubhag HealthTech. Vikram is the CEO of this company and has studied at IIT Kharagpur. He has 12 years of experience in R&D. He has 65%equity in the company.

Sohan Sahu is a mechanical engineer from IIT Kharagpur and has 17 years of experience in production, manufacturing, and supply chain. He has 4% equity in the company.

Chandan Prasad is also a mechanical engineer. He has 10 years of experience in prototyping and product design. He has 2% equity.

Vikram tried to conceive for four years but was not successful, so he promised God that if they conceive he will help people also to conceive. Later he conceived naturally and now he is fulfilling his promise to help other couples by starting Subhag HealthTech 

Subhag HealthTech Shark Tank India

They had asked for ₹50 lakhs for 1% equity. 

Currently, they have tied up with 20 hospitals and 300+ clinics. 

Yearly Revenue

(2020-2021)- ₹37 lakhs

(2021-2022)- ₹52 lakhs

(2022-2023)- ₹12 lakhs (till the date they appeared on shark tank)

The Androwash is given on rent to the Gynecologists at ₹3K to 5K per month.

They had also raised a previous round in 2019 of ₹1.5 crores for a ₹30 crores valuation. 

Anupam Gupta found the category and the margins interesting but was out of the deal because the founder still lived in Germany and did not give a clear answer whether he is planning to move to India in near future.

Peyush Bansal loved the innovation and product detailing but did not like the way they are doing business, so he was out. Aman too did not invest.

Vineeta asked them if they are planning to make it affordable when the founders said yes she gave the offer of ₹50 lakhs for 1.67% equity at ₹30 crores valuation.

Namita Thapar was disappointed with the sales but still gave the offer for the sake of the cause. She offered ₹20 lakhs for 1% equity and ₹30 lakh debt at 10% interest.

The founders accepted Namita Thapar’s offer and the deal was secured. 

Where To Find

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Concluding Remarks

It is great to see entrepreneurs coming up with products that save people from social stigma and physical and mental trauma. When awareness about such sensitive issues is spread on national television it educates the masses to support the affected people rather than judging them. 

Combining a cause and business is one of the best ways to generate income and fulfill social responsibility. We do hope to see more such companies like Subhag HealthTech that have the potential to change society for the larger good. 

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