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Twisting Scoops: Asia’s First Authentic Turkish Ice Cream

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Twisting Scoops is a Turkish ice cream brand that has become famous in India, and it offers the flavours of authentic Maras ice cream to its consumers. Turkish ice cream, sometimes referred to as Maras ice cream, is a special kind of ice cream with a distinctive flavour and consistency. The way Twisting Scoops is presented is one of its distinctive features. The ice cream is prepared in a humorous and enjoyable manner, served on a cone. Before finally handing the ice cream to the customer, the server frequently performs tricks and stunts with it, including flipping it around and tossing it into the air.

Shark Amit plays with Turkish ice cream on the Shark Tank India stage in the pitch of Twisting Scoops Company. In this show, the company claims that he has delivered the largest and first Turkish ice cream chain twisting scoop in Asia for your enjoyment from Delhi. On this Shark, Namita claims that if someone treats her unfairly while she is hungry, she will bash them.

Let’s see if they crack a deal with the Sharks or not.

About the Brand

From the beginning, Twisting Scoops Company has aimed to run a business that optimises value for franchisees and increases chances for growth and career development for their partners and staff. By maintaining tight ties with its clients, Twisting Scoops keeps expanding.

The best raw materials are chosen and fresh cow’s milk is procured from farms as part of Twisting Scoops’ distinctive production process. After that, pasteurisation, ageing, and other procedures are completed before being transferred to the cold storage area of the warehousing facility. When such happens, Twisitung ice cream can be brought to your place. The ice cream is then delivered from there in a variety of methods to provide the greatest service.

The first Turkish ice cream brand in India is Twisting Scoops. Ice cream from Swirling Scoops is nothing brand-new. They protect the rich legacy, which contains a wide variety of hereditary customs, monuments, artefacts, and cultural practices.

Their ice cream has no chemicals and is manufactured entirely of natural ingredients. Because the product is vegetarian, customers may enjoy it in a new way with their taste buds while still enjoying Asia’s largest Turkish pastries. There are three ways they provide the franchise mode:

  • Twisting Scoops Studio Model
  • Twisting Scoops kiosk Model
  • Twisting Scoops Store Model

Products offered

  • Turkish Ice Creams
  • Baklavas
  • Middle Eastern & Turkish Coffee
  • Kunafa
  • Falafel

Sales and Valuation 

With more than 30 locations spread over more than 20 cities, Twisting Scoops Company is present in 4 nations. After launching in Turkey in 2015, it has spread to include Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, and other countries. There are more than 50 Franchises in existence so far. There are over 37 Twisting Scoops Shops. All of this is in addition to their presence in over 15 cities. They provide more than 45 varieties.

Their products start from ₹79 + GST. The Team Size is around 240. It takes ₹ 12 lakh to ₹ 14 lakh for Kiosk.

Twisting Scoops Sales

  • FY 2021 – 2022 – ₹5 Crore
  • Twisting Scoops Monthly Sales Per Store – ₹ 14 Lakh to ₹ 16 Lakh.
  • Total Twisting Scoops Monthly Sales – ₹ 2.5 Crore to ₹ 2.75 Crore.
  • Monthly Profit – ₹45 Lakh to ₹50 Lakh

Margins Split

  • Rent – ​​10%
  • COGS & Logistics – 30%
  • Other expenses – 20%
  • Net Margin – 40%

Deal or No-deal?

Shark Aman & Shark Peyush’s Offer: ₹50 Lakh for 10% Equity, ₹50 Lakh Debt, Valuation – ₹5 Crore

According to the sharks, they should not be given equity at all and shark aman wants to be associated with them without equity. Shark Namita also spoke positively about helping them. There is no deal because of such a difference in valuation.


You’ve probably seen Twisting Scoops on social media a lot. It is the first and only Turkish dessert chain in Asia. Nonetheless, this business case study provides us the chance to comprehend the entire history and financial data of this firm.

We learn a lot about this industry by taking on the role of a shark in the curriculum and the game.

So what are your thoughts on this business model? Do tell in the comments below. 

Twisting Scoops from Shark Tank India.

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