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Why did Unstop reject a 5 Crore Offer? 

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Unstop saw hungry sharks swarming around it with abundant jabbing, needling, and moniker! Ankit Aggrawal founded Unstop, a platform for early talent engagement and employment that aids gifted individuals from underserved regions of the nation in finding their place in the market. 

India is home to successful business people who have established themselves internationally. The day when only the wealthy could manage and own a firm is long behind. Ab pura India samjhega business ki sahi value with Shark Tank’s Season 2!

Students and professionals from various fields may connect with organisations and businesses through Unstop, formerly known as Dare2Compete Business, by taking part in and competing in intellectual competitions. They provide connections between potential employees, universities, recruiters, and chances to develop new skills, demonstrate existing ones, boost one’s resume, and work for one’s ideal employer.

Unstop is a fully bootstrapped business that has developed an online platform that enables businesses to find, interact, evaluate, and recruit the best people throughout the country. 

Let’s see if they got a deal or not. 

About the Brand

Platform & App Unstoppable Dare2Compete is an official forum for professionals and students from all fields to advance innovation. Additionally, it offers chances to interact with organisations and businesses through taking part in and competing in academic competitions such case competitions, hackathons, quizzes, business simulations, etc. They aid in improving everyone’s ability to execute their abilities effectively and get accolades.

With over 1 crore graduates trying to find work prospects, “Unstop” helps employers hire them by using assessment standards similar to those of Indian Idol. The platform, which now has 40 lakh student registrations and more than 200 firms interacting with them, aims to provide relevant chances to worthy individuals by going beyond one’s résumé.

The entrepreneur hopes that all Sharks will participate in the transaction, mentioning how SUGAR, CarDekho, and boAt are already in contact with the platform for potential tie-ups.

Sales and Valuation 

  • Unstop started its operations in 2017 with a team of 3.
  • Grown from a Bootstrap Business to a 65 member team.
  • They have 4.5 million users.
  • Added with almost 1,00,000 opportunity listings with profit in your favor.
  • Unstop provides more than 110K opportunities.
  • They have taken 19.1 million assessments.
  • Associated with more than 42K organizations.
  • Over 500 brands trust him.
  • Unstop is present in 78 countries.

Deal or no deal?

Ankit Aggarwal responds that theirs is the only full stack platform that manages branding, sourcing, and assessment all at once when asked how the platform distinguishes itself from rivals in this field. He projects that sales for the coming year would be in the range of Rs. 30-35 crores, and adds that the brand’s gross margin is 90% and its EBITDA is 30%.

Amit intends to give the founder a solo cheque for Rs. 5 crores in exchange for 10% equity, but because Aggarwal wants to hear the other bids as well, he retracts his statement for the time being. 

For the following offer, Aman and Namita work as a team. Following suit, Anupam strikes out on his own before unexpectedly teaming up with Amit. This finally creates the opportunity for a four-Shark transaction, and the final proposal from the team of Aman, Namita, Anupam, and Amit is accepted, and the case is completed, for Rs. 2 crores against 4% equity.

Unstop came to Shark Tank India and blew the Sharks' mind. Amit even offered a 5cr deal but it was rejected by Unstop. Why? Let's know more.
to India


Unstop, originally known as Dare2Compete, involves individuals from many walks of life. A worldwide platform that connects everyone creating the ecosystem is an additional benefit to all of this. They also provide Unstop Pro, a fantastic online learning tool. 

The Black Friday Sale is one of the greatest and most well-liked deals available. Don’t forget to share your insights about such a ubiquitous event and business platform in Shark Comment. Additionally, try to comprehend the stages of development by using a case study to illustrate the entrepreneurial approach to unique business expansion.

Despite their typical changes, it was stunning to see Anupam and Amit team up for the “unstop” pitch (which proceeded to heat up the latest episode as well). It was encouraging to see them compromise once in a while in order to support a company like this.

Where To Find Unstop

Website Google Play Store Apple Store

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