Cakelicious from Shark Tank India Season 2.

Cakelicious: The BEST Cakes in Shark Tank

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In the Cakelicious Company promotional video, the female business owners are pleading with the sharks, “Sir Monginis jaise Cakelicious ko har gali nukad pe rakhna hai,” while the business pitches in poetic terms, “Join us because we are brave, our cakes are wonderful, and we are cakelicious.

Shark Piyush said that it is so tasty that it is surreal after tasting their product and praising it together with the other sharks. The entrepreneurs are being told by the gourmet sharks, “Ek hi aap laye ho test karne ke liye,” and they are ready to consume their products as a result.

Let’s see if they get a deal or not.

About the Brand

With the help of Cakelicious, everyone will be able to get designer cakes and other bakery goods at reasonable costs.

Fatema Barodawla, the company’s creator, launched the enterprise while she was pregnant in an effort to leave her failing marriage.

She put in 18 hours of effort before it was launched. She even left her job to advance, bringing beautiful cakes to events and gatherings.

Nevertheless, with the birth of their daughter, they continued to work on the cloud kitchen concept. Later, utilising resources from the cake industry, the company grew into a café and cake shop, and sales exploded.

Cakelicious’ main goal is to make the greatest designer cakes and other bakery goods widely accessible to everyone at reasonable costs. The founders worked on the cloud kitchen idea after having their daughter, and as a result, the company grew into a café and cake shop, and sales exploded.

Cakes, pastries, fluffy pies, macrons, muffins, and cake tubs are just a few of the goods available at Cakelicious. The company began operations in 2020 and made Rs. 30,000 in sales in its first year.

Sales and Valuation 

Cakelicious was started in 2020. They had achieved ₹ 30 lakh sales at the very beginning of the business. Cakelicious sells 500 Cake Tubs per month. They have more than 2 lakh customers.

Cakelicious Monthly Sales

  • July 2022 Sales – ₹2 Lakh
  • August 2022 Sales – ₹2.5 Lakh
  • Sept 2022 Sales – ₹3 Lakh

A ₹ 350 product costs ₹ 140. It has 60% gross margin and 40% net margin.

They have earned 80 thousand profit.

If you see their sales split –

  • Instagram – 40%
  • Zomato – 30%
  • Shop – 20%
  • Website -10%

Cakelicious Repeat Rate – 80%.

Deal or no-deal?

Shark Amit’s Offer

₹15 Lakh for 15% Equity & ₹10 Lakh Debt @0% Interest, Valuation – ₹1 Crore

Business Pitcher’s Counter Offer

₹25 lakh for 15% equity, valuation – ₹1.67 crore

Shark Amit’s Revised Offer

₹25 Lakh for 20% Equity & ₹10 Lakh Debt @0% Interest, Valuation – ₹1.25 Crore

Shark Amit’s new offer of ₹25 Lakh for 20% Equity & ₹10 Lakh Debt @0% Interest, valuation – ₹1.25 Crore is finalised.


You must have wanted to try this cake after hearing the motivating tale of Cakelicious Company. Discuss the specifics of the business’s challenges after the sharks’ visit and offer your opinions on whether you would invest in it or not. 

Years ago, this company optimised market success by centralised production and decentralised selling by reducing costs. This business strategy is now being used by other companies, and a real-world example of how profits might rise significantly has been produced for everyone. Everyone will get the chance to learn as a result of your comments and responses to the questions, and new businesses in India will continue to be supported, so do comment!

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