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Cellbell from Shark Tank India Season 2.

Cellbell: Most Powerful Chairs | Shark Tank

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Stylish, comfortable, and high-quality chairs are made by the father-and-son-founded Cellbell Chairs Business, according to the company’s marketing materials. With full understanding of the business challenges that have accompanied this laughing and pleasure, you will learn something new.

By developing office chairs with adjustable features that provide back and neck support and are more comfortable, Cellbell Chairs Business has set the standard for the business sector. A ground-breaking answer has been offered.

The family pitches a budget proposal of Rs. 90 lakhs for 1.5% equity. 

About the Brand

Chirag Damla and Pawan Damla Pawan have experience as a software consultant for Capgemini and have an IT engineering degree. Chirag has a financial background. Chirag founded Cellbell in 2015 as an Instagram profile to market smartphone accessories to professionals and gamers.

The ambition to offer India’s most popular and comfortable office and gaming chairs to every business and home has evolved from the original idea of bringing comfort to every doorstep. Every chair made by Cellbel is individually created and professionally manufactured to fit your daily demands for ease, comfort, and maintenance.

India’s renowned brand of potent gaming chairs was created by fusing years of continuing product research-based development for office and gaming chairs with skilled manufacturing. India’s Trusted Company for POWERFUL Gaming Chairs, a top gaming chair brand, continually innovates to improve the calibre of its services. The top game chair brand in the market, Cellbell, is devotedly trying to maintain its customers’ faith with each passing day.

Products available

  1. Basic Chairs
  2. Executive Chairs
  3. Boss Chairs
  4. Study Chairs
  5. Gaming Chairs
  6. Bar Stools

They are best known for his two series of SuperHero Chairs:

  • DC Gaming Chairs
  • Marvel Gaming Chairs

Sales and Valuation 

Cellbell Chairs has had over 1,00,000 customers. All their products get 4.5 to 5 star ratings reviews for online sale. Over 126,000 Cellbell Chairs products have been sold. About 65% of the referral customer figure has been acquired by Cellbell.

2015 Cellbell was initially launched to sell mobile accessories to gamers. 2019 introduced high quality office chairs. Gaming chairs have been included in 2020 and have been ranked among the top 50 bestseller chairs in India. Headed for 2022 superhero gaming chairs as one of four global official licensees of Warner Bros.

Cellbel Chairs is also present on its website as well as on platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, Bajaj Store, and Pepperfry. Cellbell Chairs Business was started in 2019.

Cellbel’s basic chair costs ₹ 4000. Boss chairs range from ₹8000 to ₹10,500 while the Gaming Chair costs ₹ 16000.

Sellbell Sales Split –

  • Office Chair – 60%
  • Gaming Chair – 20%
  • Boss Chair – 20%

Average selling price – ₹ 5000 remains. Lifetime sales of Cell Bell have been ₹ 50 crores.

Cell Bell FY 21 – 22 sales were ₹16 crore. Last month ₹ 4 crore sales were done, in which ₹ 17 lakh to ₹ 18 lakh sales were done. Sales Bell Gross Margin stood at 52%, EBITDA – 7.8%.

Deal or no deal

To expand on the data and business understanding, all the sharks didn’t seem qualified enough to invest in the business right now, so no sharks made offers to them and no deal went through.

Peyush advises them to concentrate on one thing, such as a certain type of chair or the supply chain. Due to a lack of uniqueness and the founders’ candour on the subject, all Sharks rule out investing in the brand.

Anupam develops a brand-building plan for them to use as their proposal lacks this type of methodology. The team leaves without concluding a contract for the day, viewing it as more of a learning opportunity.


The most reputable brand of strong gaming chairs in India was created by fusing years of continual product research-based development for office and gaming chairs with skilled workmanship. India’s Trusted Brand for POWERFUL Gaming Chairs, a prominent gaming chair manufacturer, is always innovating to raise the standard of its services. A well-known manufacturer of gaming chairs, Cellbell is committed to upholding its reputation as a trustworthy brand by working hard every day.

Where to find

Website | Instagram | WhatsApp | Youtube

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