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EKatra Handmade from Shark Tank India Season 2.

Ekatra Handmade: Uplifting Domestic Helpers

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Season 2 of Shark Tank in India Ekatra Handmade Business promotes handmade products by allowing domestic helpers to practise their craft. In India’s conservative environment, the Founder’s mother had little opportunities to grow in her career.

Mom & Daughter Womanpreneur Business Ekatra is created as a result of this quest. These handicraft-making women today have demonstrated a healthy lifestyle for their families and the capacity to give their kids higher education. We now have the chance to understand more about his miraculous business ambition.

Episodes of Shark Tank India Season 2 will air on Sony Entertainment Television and be live streamed on Sony LIV every day at 10 PM IST.

About the Brand

Giving women the most opportunity, Ekatra Handmade produces everyday utility and leisure goods using eco-friendly designs. Mother-daughter team Meenakshi & Aishwarya Jhawar are the co-founders of the company Collected Handmade.

They seek to organise their goods from the most basic to the most useful by incorporating daily life. They are searching for various means to express themselves. She is growing her company in order to use her handcrafted stationery and accessories to communicate tales and make them soul-dependent. 

Coming from a design and visual communication background, Ekatra Handmade Vision Business Space. Aishwarya creates outstanding goods and designs by fusing hand touch and minimalist design components. The creation of Ekatra Handmade Business is a natural extension of a creative way of life that is influenced by the hues, textures, works of art, fashion, and ambiance of Rajasthan.

Aishwarya and her small team of designers create each item for Ekatra. They provide women with the chance for independence and self-reliance through the network of female artisans.

Where to find Ekatra

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Sales and Valuation 

Ekatra Handmade business was started in June 2020. The artistic creations are designed by a team of 32 women native to Rajasthan.

The sustainable artisanal stationery firm makes a request for Rs. 40 lakhs in exchange for 10% equity. With 23 female team members, they are preparing even more individuals to join them and challenge the women’s historically shaky job relationships. The company’s online sales have increased to 65% since the brand’s inception a year and a half ago.

Deal or no deal?

Namita believes they don’t need investors at the time, whereas Aman believes the company is still small-scale. She advises them to employ two or three goods as their “hero products” in order to attract more target customers.

Peyush praises their sense of design, but the business concept itself appears to be rather complex. Anupam wants to help the cause, but from a business standpoint, there aren’t any opportunities for him. Aman agrees that the patterns are fairly traditional and reminiscent of other things they have seen. Peyush, however, gives high marks for the branding and packaging’s “feel good aspect.”

Although Amit agrees with the other sharks, he nonetheless makes an offer on the condition that they concentrate on one or two things rather than trying to handle several things at once.

The offers made by Peyush and Amit coincidentally align, and they are eager to work together to further the cause of women’s emancipation. But his offer is the one item on the table that cannot be changed. Peyush would want to concentrate more on the production element of this business while Amit brings his technical and marketing knowledge to the table.

“Ekatra” strikes a deal with the two sharks for Rs. 20 lakhs for 20% equity and Rs. 20 lakhs in debt and returns home jubilant.


It’s safe to assume that viewing Ekatra Handmade Business inspired many ladies. Although the world has advanced, the Shark Tank India forum demonstrates the amount of labour that Indians still must put in to launch a business and develop a connection to their jobs, which can lead to soul dependence.

So what do you think about Ekatra? Do let us know in the comments. 

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