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Oye Happy | Shark Tank India Season 2

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Oye Happy is India’s most ingenious gifting business that provides a wide range of gifts that are sure to impress. The business provides something for everyone, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or other special occasion.

The large selection of presents offered by Oye Happy is one of its greatest features. They have everything, even presents for lovers and birthdays. Oye Happy might help if you’re seeking for a special and personalised present. The Butterfly Birthday Card, Memories in Spotlight, All About You, and more customised gifts are available from them. These presents are ideal for individuals who wish to give something special and unforgettable.

The D2C concept for effective online selling has been adopted by Oye Happy Business and has been successful for companies including Hobby India, Artment, and Magic of Memories. The business was showcased on Shark Tank India Season 2 where they solicited investment from investors. Let’s see if they got any deal or not.

About the Brand

The goal of Oye Happy Company is to innovate the Indian gift industry by introducing Made In India Goods, providing the Customized Gift and Personalized Gift Experience in a better way each time, and offering presents like you’ve never seen before.

furthermore develop a fresh commercial product. Oye Happy Business was co-founded by Varun Todi and Harshvardhan Khemani. One of the most creative gift firms in India, Oye Happy Company creates one-of-a-kind items never before seen in the nation. Oye Happy Giftcom Pvt. Ltd is the official name of the business, which has its corporate offices in Hyderabad.

Free Shipping is linked with Delivery Across India to receive the items throughout India in this gifting D2C brand.

By developing a range of classes in the world of presents, one may select the items of the gifts. Through this platform, one can distribute four different sorts of presents.

  • Oye Happy Gifts by Relationship
  • Oye Happy Birthday Gifts
  • Oye Happy Naughty Gifts
  • Oye Happy Gifts by Occasion

They provide a variety of items, including hampers that include products and products since they are aware of the feelings of everyone. In addition, they provide a variety of personalised and customised gifts. For instance, their selection of naughty presents allows Indians to choose to offer their lover first night hampers and board games.

They also create presents for individuals who do not believe in giving physical gifts and want to use gifts to convey their sentiments and emotions. For these clients, a variety of social presents as well as environmentally responsible gifts for moms or elderly are produced. Also, they promote the notion of charitable giving through selling goods.

The presents are made even more spectacular by new and distinctive alternatives including LED-equipped cards, musical cards, and interactive cards in the Oye Happy Greetings Collection. Similar to this, they have altered the way hampers are presented by presenting a variety of personalised gifts and concept-based ideas to keep your loved one astonished all day, all week, or all month.

Sale and Valuation 

In 2014 Oye Happy Gift Business was started. In FY 2021 – 2022, sales of ₹ 10.5 crores have been done. 50 people work in his team. Their repeat rate is 15%. Oye Happy’s gross merger is 80% and EBITDA is -12%. Last month Oye Happy sales remained ₹ 80 lakhs.

Sales Split –

  • Naughty Gifts – 15%
  • Other category – 85%

Oye Happy Margins Split –

  • COGS – 20%
  • Marketing – 25%
  • Delivery – 5%
  • Technology – 15%
  • Salaries – 20%
  • EBITDA – 15%

Oye Happy Sales Split –

  • Website – 85%
  • Marketplace – 15%

Deal or No-deal?

According to Sharks, citizens will buy a gift from their website once, but not repeatedly. Moreover, there are little opportunities for innovation in such a field. It would be quite challenging to scale up the entire cycle. The gift market operates in accordance with the sharks, but it never exceeds a certain threshold. His company is now performing well, thus he needs to expand it himself. No deals are struck and no sharks make any bids.

Oye Happy from Shark Tank India Season 2.


One of the companies using the D2C strategy to increase the effectiveness of online sales is Oye Happy Business. If you consider companies like Hobby India, Artment, and Magic of Memories as a case study, you will see that they created a platform using the Deliverable Product D2C Model to effectively sell decorations online.

Throughout both Shark Tank seasons, we have seen a lot of these types of businesses, and they are all successful if they understand the industry, the product, and online sales. Nevertheless, you may add your comments to those businesses, read about the D2C Online Selling Checklist, and answer questions about it to understand about the industry that is now lacking.

Where to Find 

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