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FIRST Electric Smart Car : PMV Electric

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PMV Electric is a business about electric cars. In the promotional clip for PMV CAR, India’s first fully electric smart microcar, the company pitchman highlights the unique feature of driving the vehicle from the outside as well. 

The creation of several electric goods in the transportation sector has generated significant revenue by cutting the cost of travel and increasing its effectiveness in the goal of environmentally friendly and sustainable development.

According to one estimate, 6000 companies in India are attempting to produce electric automobiles. The firm that entered such a competition faces great expectations, and the usage of technology is novel. To understand it as a business, let’s consider it from the perspective of a Shark.

About the Brand 

The goal of the electric PMV CAR Business Vision is to achieve sustainable personal mobility for daily commutes for Personal Mobility Vehicles (PMV®) in order to address the problems of urban congestion and parking in a way that is more environmentally friendly by reducing pollution. supplying resources

By aggressively tackling new chances and difficulties, Kalpit Patel has developed workable solutions. He has been a Sales Strategy Manager at Citibank for more than 4 years. After that, he obtained more than a year’s worth of business expertise by joining Shree Connceto as a managing partner.

The One Seater Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV®) is both the automobile of the future and a cutting-edge substitute for realising the full economic potential of the present. It is the ideal mode of transportation for the fastest urban commute. Yatra has demonstrated realistic and actual solutions for the future of personal mobility in cities, starting with a straightforward notion that was motivated by curiosity and supported by many months of reading, studying, learning, and finding.

Features of the Car

  • EaS-E® Mode: Feet Free Driving In Traffic
  • Cruise Control
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Remote Parking Assist
  • Remotely control AC, lights, windows and horn
  • With the help of The Air (OTA) Updates, features will be added to keep your vehicle updated.
  • The 2 Seater PMV Electric Car is a compact, intelligent, economical, and modern form of transportation that was created with technology and ingenuity.

Sales and Valuation

The PMV electric Car is scheduled to debut on its sixth prototype after about five prototypes. Up to 160 kilometres may be covered by an electric PMV CAR on a single charge. And a full charge takes four hours. Electric PMV CAR costs between 4 and 5 lakh rupees, and a preorder payment of 2000 rupees is required.

raised 19 lakh at a valuation of 10 crore in November 2020, and 34 lakh at a valuation of 15 crore in June 2021.

Deal or no–deal?

Shark Anupam’s Offer: ₹60 Lakh for 4% Equity, ₹40 Lakh Debt, Valuation – ₹15 Crore

Condition end of year – Will book an order of 500 crores, would like to traction it.

Business Pitcher Counter Offer

₹1 crore for 2% equity, valuation – ₹50 crore

Anupam’s Revised Offer: ₹1 crore for 6.67% equity, valuation – ₹15 crore

The business pitcher explained that by working at low valuations, he would not be able to deliver anything, so he did not want to accept the offer.


The smallest car in India is reportedly the electric PMV Electric CAR Business. However, taking into account Indian roads and in light of its utility, how much confidence do you have in the success of this product? Share your thoughts based on your own experiences. Tell us with your expertise how many people will apply for this product now that booking has begun.

Let’s create a case study outlining the problems with investing in all electric vehicles after reading the evaluation of the PMV Electric CAR Business and the shark’s remarks. If one of these firms later has unfathomable success, many others will learn a valuable lesson from their mistakes.

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