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Broomees from Shark Tank India Season 2.

Broomees: Easy Domestic Help | Shark Tank India

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By combining a concentrated effort to offer the modern ease of hiring individuals for housekeeping online in a novel method, Broomees Business has developed a business. However, Sulekha has attempted to learn from the Shark Judge’s comments on the Shark Tank India forum in order to grow this firm against unorganised and established rivals like Urban Company Alternative and Lokal, Justdial.

The goal of Broomees Business Vision is to make it easy and standard for India’s dependable homemakers to obtain the appropriate domestic assistance.

About the Brand


  • Vaibhav Agrawal (Founder & Chief Executive Officer) 
  • Niharika Jain (Founder & Chief Sales Officer)
  • Saurav Kumar (Founder & Chief Operating Officer)

To guarantee that the assistants provide the proper service in a coordinated, professional, and timely manner, Broomees Business personally trains them. At the moment, Broomees has locations in Delhi, Noida, and Gurugram. The Broomees team screens them, and utilising Aadhaar and police verification, their history is verified in official government databases.

The hiring of assistants in India is being revolutionised by the Broomees Business. They are steadfast in their commitment to provide consumers genuine training, real experience, and well prepared staff.

Services offered 

  • House maid
  • Cooking Maid
  • Baby Caretaker
  • All Rounders

Sales and Valuation 

In 2020, Broomees Business was founded. But Broomees Officially Started in February 2021.

He introduced the aunt who manages the kitchen on stage. Those who said she formerly earned Rs.2,000 from babysitting, Rs.6,000 from security work, and now makes Rs.8,000 by working for Broomees Business. Every month, they receive 250 appointments, of which they can carry out 140.

The typical contract is for seven months. In exchange for taking a 10 to 14% fee, they may make up to Rs.7,000.

Cash burn is ₹20 lakh.

Broomees First Round ₹4.2 Crore, Valuation 28 Crore Post Money Raised. Broomees Second Round (In Progress) ₹7 cr, Valuation 35 cr pre money they will raise.

Deal or No deal?

Shark Aman’s & Shark Namita’s Offer: ₹80 lakh for 3% equity, valuation – ₹26.67 crore

Shark Anupam’s Offer: ₹80 lakh for 2% equity, valuation – ₹40 crore

Shark Aman’s & Shark Namita’s Revised Offer: ₹80 lakh for 2% equity, valuation – ₹40 crore

Shark Peyush Shark Aman’s & Shark Namita’s: ₹80 lakh for 3% equity, valuation – ₹26.67 crore

Business Pitcher’s Offer (For 4 sharks – Peyush, Aman, Anupam & Namita): ₹2 crore for 5% equity, valuation – ₹40 crore

Shark Peyush Shark Aman’s & Shark Namita’s Revised Offer (Same): ₹80 lakh for 3% equity, valuation – ₹26.67 crore

Business Pitcher’s Counter Offer: ₹1 crore for 3% equity valuation – ₹33.33 crore

The Sharks finalize the deal on the business pitcher’s last counteroffer.


After looking at the comments made by the Sharks in the evaluation of the Broomees Business, you can understand how the growth of this company—or its ability to expand its operations—has altered the business model of India. Give your thoughts on whether you would utilise such services to give them at their expense.

In Broomees Business, both the demand and supply models have transformed in an effort to improve the quality of life for senior citizens. Everybody has prepared to go through the struggle of breaking an old habit in addition to modifying this stereotyping procedure.

Any firm that enhances lifestyle, according to shark Piyush, gets successful. However, Anupam the Shark has often stated that organising an unstructured firm is difficult. Combine all the problems with the points of this pitch, use it as a case study for personal growth, and contribute to the success of many entrepreneurs in India.

Where to Find 

Website | Instgram | Linkedin | WhatsApp | Apple Store | Google Play Store

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